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new here... have abig problem

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by 4gcivicY8, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. 4gcivicY8

    4gcivicY8 Junior Member

    yo i'm new here . anyway i need help i have a d16y8 in my car now and i need help wiring it up . heres some problems . i have a dpfi to mpfi wiring harness from hasport heres my questions . on the harness there a connector that connets to a coolet senors in the back of the block . but i can't find it on the Y8. next the distributor has a bigger connector then on the harness should i try to wire it or buy a a6 distributor. and i think thats it for right now thanks. if you guys have any links to any sites that have done this swap befor that would be cool to thanks
  2. Drenni

    Drenni Senior Member

    :wtf: :wtf: I'm lost could you try and explain with a little more detail, cause if you are doing the DPFI to MPFI you to buy a distributor for a SI or atleast I did the DX or LX one won't work with that set up. I hope or think that's what you're asking. :huh:
  3. radnulb

    radnulb Senior Member

    simple solution: get a D16A6 distributor and PM6 ECU
    harder solution: convert to OBD1 + get P28 ECU.
  4. 4gcivicY8

    4gcivicY8 Junior Member

    sorry for all the confusions. 1. the distibutor was an si the hasport wiring harness is for a dpfi to mpfi on the dx and it still retains the 1.5l dis. 2. i was talkin about the 2 prong oil sending unit in the back of the block on stds and dx's. the y8 has no unit thats two prong on the back of the block . there is however a bolt where it looks like one should be. should i 1. take the bolt out and put the 1.5 unit in or find out where to wire it. again sorry for the confusion . thanks
  5. hammerdgolfer

    hammerdgolfer Senior Member

    i have some si a6 stuff sitting in my garage since i never did the dpfi conversion and now going b series,
    keep checking everywhere under the intake manifold and everything for what your looking for, it may be hard
  6. 4gcivicY8

    4gcivicY8 Junior Member

    well i donno about teh distrubutor . but the coolent temp unit was rewired to the ya coolent sensor i no i'm an idoit i should have known
  7. 4gcivicY8

    4gcivicY8 Junior Member

    new problem i need a y8 and a d15 vacuum diagram if anyone knows where i can find there it would be real cool

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