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New to Hondaswap.com

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by 2kCivic, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. 2kCivic

    2kCivic Junior Member

    Whatz up everyone, I'm new to Hondaswap.com. Here's pics, and modifications of my car. Still looks stock, all my money's going into T3 Turbo Setup with Hondata.

    Engine modifications
    Powertech Header
    Short Ram Intake
    Apexi N1 Cat Back Exhaust

    Suspension Modifications
    Matrix Coil Overs Gave 4 inch Drop

    Interior Modifications
    Boss Mp3/Cd Player
    Programmable Shift Light

  2. GSRCRXsi

    GSRCRXsi Super Moderator Moderator

    hey man, it looks nice, ONLY thing i would change before you start modding any more, would be to get some better suspension. 4in drop is just unnecessary, and i personally dont like the looks of it, but if you do then thats cool too. but from a performance standpoint, those coilovers really arent doing you any good. 2in drop is really all is needed. otherwise it looks great :thumbsup:

    Welcome to HondaSwap. enjoy your stay :)
  3. B16

    B16 Super Moderator

    and welcome to hondaswap :wave:
  4. Gen2Teg

    Gen2Teg Senior Member

    Goddamn, 4 inches? it doesn't even look like it. 4 inches is a LOT, are you sure its slammed 4 inches? anyways, its clean and not riced out so welcome.
  5. Smonkeyboy

    Smonkeyboy Senior Member

  6. 2kCivic

    2kCivic Junior Member

    Yeah, i'm going to swap about the suspension, but i need dough to do that. Plus haven't decided what to go with.
  7. Hatchbacks Anonymous

    Hatchbacks Anonymous Senior Member

    It reminds me of my old coupe. It went through stages like that. It was slammed with the stock hub caps just like that. I miss it :( R. I. P.
  8. swanny

    swanny Senior Member

    Nice clean ride man, im thinking of selling my GSR to get something very similar.
  9. GSRCRXsi

    GSRCRXsi Super Moderator Moderator


    ground controls are very nice, and not that expensive. GC and koni yellows are a nice combination, but any good aftermarket shock will do too, like tokico or progress
  10. Iron 1

    Iron 1 Senior Member

    welcome, :pie: :rally:
  11. dvus1

    dvus1 Senior Member

  12. kyleirwin

    kyleirwin Retired OG

  13. Def_Jam

    Def_Jam Senior Member

    welcome to the party...

  14. h22bubbleback

    h22bubbleback Senior Member

    nice car...

    atleast you never experimented with cutting springs...:doh:
  15. JDMilan

    JDMilan Senior Member

    howdy, and wlcome
  16. Celerity

    Celerity Well-Known Member

    The car looks real clean and well kept. The shiftlight better mean you're a track racer / autocrosser !

    -> Steve

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