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New to Site : 95 Civic and H22 Swap New Project

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by Ic3, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. Ic3

    Ic3 Newb Engine Swapper

    Hey everyone!
    Well I have been a little bored lately and decided to try my hand in engine swaping and basic body work. I have a little experince with my father a few years ago. He used to do all his own work on our cars includeing a complete engine rebuild for our 88 cobra mustang GT. Most of what I know is from my father as he is a retired mechanic but got diabites and lost vision in one eye. So most of the projects I was the one in there removing the bolts ect.. I'v replaced floors in cars, painted them, body work breaks but mostly on older cars. My father hates the fact I am buying a civic and a H22 to swap into it. I think with the help of you guys and the info I read around here I should be able to pull this off. My friend has a H22 out of his I think 90 Prelude but could be 2000? I will find out tomorrow when I go pick it up and take some pics for you guys/girls. I saw it today everything is there except the throttle body but I'm sure I can find one somewhere. engine was in pertty good shape and you can tell it wasn't cleaned. I'm thinking of maybe a quick rebuild of the engine and replace the gaskets ect ect. I honestly have all the time in the world these days and am very very hands on. I work for hours and hours on end on smaller engines for the 4 wheelers and dirt bikes. I know if I pick up the engine I will be all over it every day. One thing you guys might like is I take alot of pictures step by step for reference and for other people knowledge. So if anyones interested in sticking it out with me, hang around my thread :) I will have pictures of the car and engine by tomorrow night. I will probably be kickin around here for a few hours reading over the swap info you guys got around here and looking for previous work by others. Thanks for anyone who wants to help or even just wasted there time reading this :)

  2. trappd-in-859

    trappd-in-859 New Member

    You do know that an H22 into a civic is not an easy swap by any means right?

    Unless your friend swapped the H22 into his lude, the only come in the later model preludes.

    Good luck on the swap and I look forward to seeing some pics.

    Do you have any plans for the motor or are you just gonna swap it and leave it stock?
  3. Ic3

    Ic3 Newb Engine Swapper

    Hey trappd-in-859
    Yeah I know it is a very hard swap but had the parts to do it. But guess what? The engine was a h23a1 and theres no way im going to bother trying to drop it in.

    I'm debaiting weither or not to drop a GSR engine or a Integ Type R engine. I can get a good deal from this jap guy I know who imports them. I want to do the swap myself but might just let him do it for 150$. Hes fast and does them all day long. Ill get back to you guys on weither im going to do it myself or have him do it. But i got the shell heres some pics. As soon as the engine is dropped in its going to the body shop. Still debaiting if I should get a body kit or go for the more stock look. Will get carbon fiber hood and trunk for it.

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  4. trappd-in-859

    trappd-in-859 New Member

    Car looks pretty clean. How much did you get it for if you don't mind me asking?

    If you can get either of those engine for a good price, then go for it. Swapping one of those will save you a ton of headaches.

    Please don't put on a kit. Everyone here will tell you the same. Just stick with a simple front lip or keep the body all stock. Carbon hood is cool as well as the trunk, but I'd personally paint the carbon trunk. Get some stock tails also. The clears are not a good look.

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