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OBD1 b16a swap

Discussion in 'Civic and CRX - EF' started by mekal, May 11, 2011.

  1. mekal

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    Oct 26, 2008
    Alright I know this is covered all over the internet, but for my particular application I couldn't find much. Car is a 88crx dx. Its kinda of turned into a little mess. Heres my setup currently obd1 b16a, p28 chipped from phearable, obd1 dizzy, obx 4 wire o2 sensor, obd0 to obd1 ecu jumper harness, obd0 to obd1 dizzy jumper harness. I bought the car with a stock dx d15b2 engine and swapped in what i thought to be a obd0 b16a. So i bought a obd0 dx to obd0 b16a harness and was running my car on a pr3 ecu. I decided to convert to obd1 because, 1-more tuning support, 2- because my engine is obd1 lol. So It still has the dx dash harness in it. Im just trying to work with what I got and learn at the same time. Everything is here, I just need to wire it up correctly. I checked the dizzy wiring and seems to be correct (cased the wires with a multimeter) I havent checked the small 2 wire dizzy plug yet thought. Im throwing ecl codes 6 (coolant temp), 10 (Intake air temp), and 22 Vtec pressure solenoid. My question is should my engine start even with this codes going off? Or does the ecu recognize this and not allow the engine to start? What are the things that need to be switched (wiring wise) to go from a obd0 b16a with dx dash harness to obd1 b16a? With time I can figure this out, I know Ive probably made it harder than what it has to be, but hey Im learning. I just got sick of reading pinouts and chasing wires for the past couple of days. Any help will be appricated.

    Thanks Michael
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