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Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by b18racer420, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. b18racer420

    b18racer420 Junior Member

    ALRIGHT I need some help I have a 94 civic with a 90 LS swap. I have a 1.5 dizzy and a 1.5 comp running it right now but it sucks. I have everything to make a jumper connection diagrams and clips and the 90 comp and the 90 dizzy. But I am not sure on a few wires. If anyone can help with diagrams and or pinouts for the 90 LS as for the 94 I pretty much have it down but still questions on the map sensor and a couple of ohters. any help would be greatly apperciated.....Jason, Insane Importz
  2. katman

    katman Member

    If you're wanting to convert your EG civic to OBD-0 spec ->> SHAME ON YOU <<<

    That's ass-backwards and I highly recommend NOT doing it.

    Don't skimp on wiring things like this. Just find yourself any OBD1 (92-95) LS distributor (should be cheap). Any 92-95 LS dizzy will work on your car if you reused your civic engine harness on the 90 LS motor.

    As for your ecu, if its a P05 or P06 ecu, you can easily have it reprogrammed to LS spec (hit me up if you need this done :spin: )

    I should ask, but what exact 94 civic model do you have? CX/DX/VX?
  3. b18racer420

    b18racer420 Junior Member

    i have the 94 EX 4 door...the reason I am doing this is money. And the lack there of I am trying to start my web site and be at shows and races and man it just costs so much but i already have everything to make it work all I need is the right wiring diagram. the pins have different but similar names between the civic and the integra and it is hard to figure out....also why is it so bad does it run like shit or what thanks for your help katman. I apperciate it alot. Jason Insane Importz.com ps. how much is reprogramming....
  4. katman

    katman Member

    heh, ok, now that you've painted a better picture...

    Perhaps you should get everything together before dropping the motor in, 'cuz you're gonna hate life when you drop this motor in and find out OBD-0 electronics isn't compatible with an OBD1 vehicle. -- especially if this car is your daily driver/only car you drive around.

    OBD-0 electronic is old crap. OBD1 is far superior to OBD-0 in various areas especially ECU & distributor wise.

    As for OBD1 pinouts, you can use this diagram of mine to help you out (it can be used on all 5-speed OBD1 civic & integra's):


    Come to think of it, you really don't need to wire anything in your car because your EX engine harness will support a non-VTEC engine...you just leave the VTEC solenoid plugs hanging there and use a non-VTEC ecu.

    Do you have a 94+ hydro LS tranny + flywheel & clutch? The 90 cable LS tranny + clutch parts are not compatible with your EX. And how about motor mounts, shift linkage, and axles -- do you have these parts from a 94+ integra? again, 90 LS motor mounts, shift linkage & axles are not compatible with your EX.
  5. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    You're screwed, if you arent careful your care will end up like civicous', burnt to the ground.
  6. b18racer420

    b18racer420 Junior Member

    the motor is already in and running,,,,but ,,,but,,,it is running with a 1.5 computer and 1.5 ecu so it is slow...it redlines at 5700 rpms......that is a joke.....the question mostly is, is can it be done???? has anyone done it???? if it is not possible then I wont do it but if it is possible let me know.....
  7. b18racer420

    b18racer420 Junior Member

    also I have a 93 gsr hydro tranny and the motor mounts are made ala jason...i did a pretty good job on the rear mount that was by far the hardest also the half shat is from an automatic so it had to be modified but I did it, it was hard but other than the wrong comp it runs and drives great...I also made the linkage myself...a bitch also....but anyway thankx for the help so far guys hopefully I will see all of you at some shows this year........

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