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OBD2 H22 into 4g Accord

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> BA-BB /CA-CD' started by 4gH22Accord, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. 4gH22Accord

    4gH22Accord Junior Member

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    Jan 6, 2004
    Just as the title says. I'll be putting a H22 from a 97 'Lude into a 91 Accord DX....I'm trying to figure everything out now as far as wiring and all custom stuff.

    So far I've got that I'll just use the pre-existing 4g accord stuff and just convert the engine over to obd1 via distributor, injectors, etc....

    Beyond that...exactly whats needed. The 4g Accord manual ECU....and....

    Which axles?
    Do I need a motor mount kit?

    The 4g 'Lude header....

    Etc etc...if there's a writeup that'd be great. I want this to be as fairly simple and the cleanest way of installation....I hate crappy wiring jobs just to "get it by"

    I'm sure I'll be here often from here on out and its good to join another "family."
  2. UDT

    UDT Senior Member

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    Sep 24, 2003
    Driver's side, rear, and front motor mounts should all be Accord ones from your year Accord, the passenger side one should be a 92-96 Prelude mount.

    H22 INFO/FAQ
    some more h22 INFO

    also take a look at this thread, it was just started but i think its something you should be aware of.


    i will be doing the same swap in a few months on this accord

  3. tab

    tab Super Moderator

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    Jan 10, 2003
    Aberdeen, Washington State
    Helpful hint. Go to the junk yard and rob a couple harness ends from an OBD 1 harness at the ECU. You can reuse some of the pins for adding your VTEC, KNOCK, and IAB wires. Nice way of doing it because you can somewhat color coordinate the pins at the ECU as they should be, and if you clip the wires long enough, you'll have plenty of wire to solder to inside the cab. I suggest you take the time to solder every connection you make, cuz I don't trust most connectors.

    You might need to switch a few accessory mounts back and forth, so test fit your accessories before putting in the engine. Some of the mounts(the part on the block) are close but not quite the same lineup. They are interchangeable.

    Buy a powersteering hose for a H22A engine, and use the H22A pump. You can Frankenstein your hose, but three shops in my town wouldn't touch it. I would add the hose with the engine out for ease. Also, change your fuel filter and all engine belts at this time.(Well worth the 50-100 bucks.)

    I saved my front waterneck from my F22, because it had the second fan switch in it, whereas the H22 front waterneck is untapped.

    Of course you know you will need to modify your harness, and your exhaust. Your O2 sensor will be relocated to the section of pipe between the downpipe and your cat. Trust me on this, use a header/downpipe from a 92-96 H22A. The 97 up H/D will scrub the ground. It hangs too low on our cars. I still have to change mine. It will bolt up.

    Also, check out my gallery if you haven't already. Good Luck

    Prelude Wiring Stuff for Swap

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