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OBD2-OBD1 Nightmare,TDC sensor/dizzy probs?

Discussion in 'ECU's, Electronics, and Tuning' started by FREAKBOY, Jan 22, 2010.


    FREAKBOY New Member

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    Dec 10, 2009
    Cottingham EROY
    I'm converting my ECU from OBD2a to an OBD1 P06 from a DX. My current ECU only has 1 green wire going to it (B13) from the TDC sensor but the new P06 needs 2 in B13 and B14. I have the Lucas dizzy that only has a TDC sensor in it. The car is a 98 Civic Aerodeck with D16B2 SOHC non-Vtec. The car turns over at the moment but will not fire. At the dizzy end there is a BRN/BLK wire from tdc to ground, an ORN/BLU and a YEL/BLK also from the tdc but I don't know what each is, also is the signal fron the tdc sensor compatible with an OBD1 ecu as it's not the magnetic type, has anyone any idea's please.
    The dizzy was put into the D14A7, D14A8 and D16B2, has anyone done it before ?
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