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obd2 wired ls/vtec dx to coupe

Discussion in 'Civic and CRX - EF' started by xXxcaoticxXx, Feb 21, 2008.

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    Jan 7, 2008
    killeen texas
    ok im gowing to be adding and adding and adding to this.... i couldnt get my account to work and finaly contacted these guys so pics should be up soon... this engine started out in my garage floor.then a 7 month trip to afgahn ended up dumping to much money into it....so theres alot of pics of what has been done to this car already that are missing but just give me time and if you have questions let me know... im gowing to start out with what is installed as of now.b16a head internals are sk2 stg 3 cams, valves,duel springs retainers gears,ngk oversized wires,msd 6al with blaster2 coil.sk2intake many with sk2 68mm tb.aem rail regulator fuel filter with walbro pump.dc ceramic headers and apexi afc2 contr.
    the suspension tein ssp with pillows and edfc,rear lower control arms,cheap 5 bar strut set(dont buy off ebay from afgahn the pics never show up) the block 92 teg ls,az race block guard stock crank eagle h beams and 13:5.1 forged pistons..
    the rear doors/window glass are in the process of being turned into shaved completly smooth.the harness is out of a 92 teg.so many hours went into taking out the bs that was extra and not needed on the 91 chassy.the entire car has been sanded down engine bay is the only thing at this point in time that is painted. many pics to come just give me some time.. thanks
    all the pictures are on my myspace at

    i will get them transfered as soon as i can... theres a bunch missing from ehre as well but hey it gives you an idea.

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