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Oil on plug threads.

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by jdmh22hatch, Mar 18, 2006.

  1. jdmh22hatch

    jdmh22hatch Member

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    Jan 30, 2006
    Ok guys, I'm really sorry to keep posting these damn h22 bogging questions because I know they're so hard to diagnose, especially over forums, but I'm getting really frustrated, so I'm gonna try to ask as many specific questions as possible and hopefully someone can help.
    A little background.
    My bogging at low rpm problem has been getting slowly worse since swap. I've got a really obvious exhaust smell that always accompanies the bogging, and always at low rpm. Ignition timing is always spot on, no cel's thrown, entire ignition system was changed, and fuel pressure seems to be fine, although as of tuesday I will be running a permanent guage that I will try to pipe into the car so I can monitor it all the way through the rpm range as opposed to just idle and wot in case something funny is happening.
    Now, I understand I could be talking about two completely separate problems here, but I'm also burning a lot of oil lately, and everytime I bog I notice a puff of blue smoke out of my exhaust. Big puff. noticable from rear view mirror. Only blue smoke when I bog though, not when I don't, but the exhaust smell is there more often than not, even at higher rpm.
    So, I could be burning oil and running rich. Two separate problems.
    Tonight I pull the plugs, and get an interesting find. Three of four plugs show white, like I'm running lean. Wierd, since I smell like I'm running rich. However, cyl #4 plug has oil on the threads when I pull it, enough that when I flip the socket and extension upside down it runs down the extension, but aside from my threads, the plug is dry and white. Cyl #3 has the same oil on threads problem, but the plug is black and wet as all hell with huge carbon buildup, and top of piston is wet as well.
    Is it possible that my plug seals on the underside of the valve cover are so worn that there's enough oil leaking through the threads of the plug and into the cylinder, causing me to burn as much oil as I have been (like a quart per tank of gas almost). could it also be possible that my valve seals are just incredibly f***ed on just one cylinder only seeing as how they have never been changed????? I don't think a stuck pcv valve could cause this much oil loss, mine doesn't rattle so I'm going to change it anyway.
    I'm going to do another compression test tomorrow, so I will post results. The last two I've done have showed 260 on all four cylinders, but that was before I had this problem with #3 cyl plug.
    Now to clarify, if my compression seems low in one cyl, I add oil to retest and if the result goes up then my oil rings are bad??? Sorry for the stupid question but I think I remember reading this somewhere but I can't find that website again.
    My brother had an h22 that burned a ton of oil, but never bogged and the plugs were never wet. It had about the same consumption as I do and did blow some blue smoke. So in my mind theoretically speaking, I could be burning oil due to worn valve seals but could have one wet plug due to oil leakage through the threads of the plug and not have a ring problem at all. Oil dripping into the top of the combustion chamber and mixing with the spark and fuel could cause a bog accompanied by a cloud of blue smoke, could it not? Possibly also explain the intermittance of this problem since the oil would only leak through on certain intervals.

    I apologize for the novel, but hopefully I gave enough info and asked enough specifics that someone here can help me.

    LOL - this problem is driving me crazy, so feel free to tell me to f*** off if this post makes it sound like I'm nuts. I think I am at this point.
  2. VTECin5th

    VTECin5th Administrator

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    Apr 17, 2005
    Phoenix Az
    I vote for seals too.
    (valve seals^)
    If it was the spark plug seals/grommets, you would have to dump a TON of oil in there and i still don't know if it'd run off the threads of the plug?..the whole spark plug boot would be covered as well.
    If you showed 260 across all 4, i doubt you will have much less now if the test was recent.
    Yea putting oil in the cylinder should bump the compression in the cylinder.
    If you run a compression test and it shows 260 255 260 210 and put oil in the 210 and it goes up to 250s you might have some ring loss... so yes to answer that too....
    1 quart per gas tank is not normal, under any circumstances.
  3. jdmh22hatch

    jdmh22hatch Member

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    Jan 30, 2006
    Just did a compression test

    Cyl #1 - 260
    Cyl #2 - 270
    Cyl #3 (the one with the wet plug) - 250
    Cyl #4 - 270

    IMO these look ok, anyone else have a thought??? I did compression test with the engine warm, all four plugs pulled and I pulled the ecu fuse.

    Spark plug grommets are visibly leaking, but plug boots are dry and I pulled the plug wires immediately after shutting the car off and there was no accumulation of oil around the plug itself.

    Also, I'm running Accel 8mm 300+ thundersport wires. Anyone had any problems with these????

    Will post fuel pressure numbers as soon as I get the guage.

    Here's my next thought.

    Since I did the compression test with the engine warm (about 15 min after I shut the car off) if the oil rings in cyl #3 are leaking, could I essentially not have done a dry test in 1,2 and 4 but a wet test in three which could have raised the number in that cylinder to the same as the other ones?????
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