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Oil pressure

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by Chebs, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. Chebs

    Chebs New Member

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    Oct 23, 2006
    I just bought a 90 CRX and it has an oil pressure gage but it doesnt work. I asked the guy I bought it from and he said he doesnt know because he didnt do the mods on it. I have asked people but I always get a different answere and it seems like it could be a million things so I just wanted to see what the average response is.
  2. D See 2

    D See 2 Senior Member

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    Sep 29, 2002
    Baltimore, MD
    I'm asuming the question is: "Why isn't my oil pressure gauge working?"

    It's more than likely not hooked up.

    There are two types of oil pressure gauges. Mechanical and electric. Mechanical gauges run a small diameter line to an oil pressure source on your motor. On hondas, it's usually run to the oil pressure sending unit on the back of the block. Electrical gauges have a separate sending unit that also runs to an oil pressure source on the motor.

    Or... the gauge is broken.
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