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old engine rebuild or scrap???????

Discussion in 'Accord' started by nkroberson, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. nkroberson

    nkroberson #1 colts fan

    my 94 accord ex has a little over 300k, the body is mint. i really want to keep the car but it is time for a new engine and tranny. should i just rebuild the f22 or shold i try and save up and go ahead and swap for the h22. off the subject can a h23 fit in a 94 accord??
  2. powerdriverh22

    powerdriverh22 Senior Member

    yes the h23 will fit just the same as the h22 or f22.

    what is wrong with the motor in it?
  3. nkroberson

    nkroberson #1 colts fan

    nothing at the moment but since it has so many miles on it i want to start to rebuild one or have an h22 shipped here just in case this one shits out on me.
  4. powerdriverh22

    powerdriverh22 Senior Member

    my suggestion is to rebuild the f22 and boost the hell out of it
  5. nkroberson

    nkroberson #1 colts fan

    even though it has so many miles on it. by the time i get done upgrading everything that i want to, it will be close to the cost for the new engine...
  6. powerdriverh22

    powerdriverh22 Senior Member

    here is what you need to think about.

    newer f22 300
    newer f23 375
    low mileage complete h22 swap 2450 shipped

    build f22 (2550 or so give or take on selection or parts)
    sleeves 900
    pistons 450
    rings 200
    rods 400
    arp harware 400 (for every arp bolt stud etc you will need)
    new gaskets 200
    bearings etc will also need to be included.
    i only suggest building the motor if you plan on boost or going for an all motor build other wise if you just want a stock motor and dont want to spend much money the f23 is a great option. they are cheap and are easy to swap in. it is obdII so you will need buy a conversion harness (75 bucks).

    or if you want to spend some money the h22 is another good option
  7. Dare_Devil1977

    Dare_Devil1977 New Member

    Sorry i have problem with my accord 1985, and i don't know what type this engine, if i want to swap what engine which fit in my accord.

  8. reikoshea

    reikoshea HS Troll...And Mod Moderator

    a20 is whats in the car. youll have trouble putting any newer engine in it.

    post other questions in a new thread, not in someone elses.
  9. ricer69

    ricer69 New Member

    You can pick up an h22 and tranny for quit a bit less than 2450 just look around on the web some even offer free shiping.
  10. ricer69

    ricer69 New Member

    You might want to build a hybrid motor for it h22a head and f22 block go to f22parts.com and price parts before making a choice I would probly build a hybrid if you have time. If not h22 man

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