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Part Numbers for 89Si/B16 OBD0 Swap

Discussion in 'Swap Articles' started by steelbuster, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. steelbuster

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    Mar 1, 2003
    Here are all the parts I used for my OBD0 B16 swap into a 89 Civic Si... Some are from 90-91 Teg and some are from 94 Del Sol Vtec DOHC.... Use the Honda Part Number anywhere it's included, It's the best way to order from Dealer. Hope this will help someone. :D


    --Honda Motors Online --88-91 SiR B16 full change over kit 5XXXXX JDM SiR
    --Rear mount bracket(came with engine) 50827-SK7-020 JDM SiR/ 90-93 Integra
    --Y1 LSD tranny Y1 LSD JDM SiR
    --Pr3 ecu (OBD 0) 37820-PR3-003 JDM SiR
    --Pr3 axles (installed but had to remove hub seals) Hasport reports these are 86-89 Integra Axels w/ 90-93 Integra inner CV joints. (which are longer & stronger) “RAXLES†1 800 257-8192 (FL) will supply axels to fit with hub seals 88-91 Civic/CRX B Series Swap with Y1 or SH3 Intermediate shaft. $329.95 Pair Part# RAXBGEN4Y1
    --CV Joint BOOTS (inner & outer that came on SiR axels) Inner = 44315 SK7-J02(Honda PN on boot)Outer = 1402 Sjsumar (the outer boots were replacement glue together type) 86-89 or 90-93 Integra LS (all models fit SiR Axels)Acura PN’s for replacing CV Boot’s ?????Inboard 44315-SM1-A01Outboard 44333-SF1-962Damper weight band 44352-SA2-300
    --2 outer cv boot set ??? 44018-ST7-C03 90-91 Integra
    --2 inner cv boot set ??? 44017-SK7-A00 90-91 Integra
    --Trans Axle Seal(Pass. Side only) 91205-PC9-711 90 Integra
    -- Intermediate Shaft Y1 JDM SiR
    --Intermediate Shaft Seal (installed new) 91260-SK-013 90 Integra
    --Hasport billet mounts (installed) 88-91 Civic/CRX EFB1
    --Hasport linkage (installed) 88-91 Civic/CRX EFB1
    --Trans. Shift Rod Boot(installed) 24316-PS1-000 90-91 Integra
    --Alt. Belt..Auto Zone had 4PK760 belt which was shorter & fit perfectly… Brand Name was.... KellySpringfield #300K4
    --(Factory belt # with engine)- 31110-PR3-004 (4PK770) was almost too long

    --Dist. rotor Bosch 04277 90-91 Integra
    --Dist. Cap Bosch 03376 90-91 Integra
    --4 spark plugs NGK 5724 BKR6E-N-11 (I Used ND K20PR-L11 from JDM B16 Manual) 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --Energy Suspension shifter stabilizer kit (installed new) 16.1101G 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --“Energy Suspension†Poly Bushings – Rear Suspension(Installed) Lower Control Arm Set 16-3104 89 Civic
    Shock Mount Set 16-8103 89 Civic
    Sway Bar Set (not installed) 16-5112 89 Civic
    Trailing Arm Bushing 8-304-BL 89 Civic
    --Valve cover gasket 12341-PR3-000 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --4 valve cover o-rings 12342-PG6-000 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --8 valve cover grommets 90442-P30-000 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --T-belt (installed new) 14400-PR3-004 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --W-pump (installed new) 19200-P30-003 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --Oil pan gasket (installed new) 11251-P30-004 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    -- Fuel filter (installed new) 16010-SH3-505 89 Civic Si
    --Exhaust Manifold to Header Gaskets ( 2 Required ) 256-170 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --Intake Gasket (installed new) 17105-P30-004 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --Spark plug wires 32722-P30-000 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec

    --Oil filter 15400-P0H-305 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    -- I used Fram PH 3593A 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    Used Castrol GTX 10W40 Oil in engine. No real reason for choice
    ****B16 JDM Manual recommends 10W30 for temps –20 to +90****

    Used Val 10W40 in Trans. No reason except avail.
    *****B16 Manual recommends SAE 10w30 or 10w40 (full temp range)*****
    OR use Homda Manual Transmission Oil.
    --distributor bolt 90003-P01-000 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --2 new Brembo brake rotors (installed) 89 Civic Si
    --Hawk Performance-- HPS compound front pads (installed) HB218F . 583 89 civic Si
    --NAPA Rear Drums (installed new) 440-1551 89 civic Si
    --NAPA Rear Shoes (installed new) AE-546 Premium Shoes 89 civic Si
    --NAPA Rear Wheel Cyl’s 46375824637581 89 civic Si

    --Exhaust Mid pipe –2.5†SSAUTOCHROME 89 Civic Hatch
    --High-Flow Cat- 2.5" from SSAUTOCHROME
    -- Used Factory B16 Manifold (4-2-1) bolts up to Si Exhaust Perfectly(Current installation) SSAUTOCHROME 2.5†Midpipe (uses factory donut gasket at rear) 89 civic Si Hatchback

    --2 cam seals 91213-PR3-004 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    -- front Crank seal 91212-PR3-003 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --Main oil seal (rear) 91214-PH1-004 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --Shifter stabilizer washer (A) 54305-SA0-000 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --Shifter stabilizer washer (B) 54304-SK7-000 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --Radiator Cap(installed new) 19045-PM3003 89 Civic Si
    --Thermostat w/gasket 19301-P08-305 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec
    --Coolant 50-50 w/disitilled water Prestone Long Life (GM DEX COOL)
    --Main Relay 39400-SH3-003 89 Civic Si
    --Lower radiator hose-new 19502-PR4-A00 90-91 Integra
    --Upper radiator hose -new 19501-PR3-000 92-93 Integra GSR
    --Tokico Illumina Spring & Shock Kit TOK ILK 216 89 Civic Si
    --1 rear mount bolt (shorter) 90189-SF1-010 90-91 Integra
    --2 rear mount bolts (longer) 90188-SF1-010 90-91 Integra
    --Throttle cable 17910-SK7-A03 90-91 Integra
    ****** I used stock Si throttle cable with homemade bracket)*****

    --Shifter stabilizer bolt 95701-08018-08 94 Del Sol DOHC Vtec

    -- EXEDY Full Face Racing Clutch/Organic Disk ****(25mm Spline)**** EXEDY 08-804 (includes release& pilot Bearings 90 Integra Cable Trans ONLY **(later yr cable trans have a larger input shaft) **

    --Stock Si Clutch cable worked perfectly without Modification 89 Civic Si
    --Koyo throwout bearing (installed new) 062-1147-CB-54004 90-91 Integra
    --Nachi pilot bearing (installed new) 91006-634-008 90-91 Integra

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