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parting out 2 coupe 95 ex and 98hx

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by nasteboyii19943, Dec 23, 2003.

  1. nasteboyii19943

    nasteboyii19943 Junior Member

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    Nov 1, 2003
    THIS is the black 98 couple
    it has injen cold air intake, (1 piece sells for 250), 2.25 custom exhaust cat back, ground control coil overs, stock shocks, skunk2 camber kit (sells for 270), NO MOTOR, ecu 98hx, obd2 to 1 conversion harness, gsr rims painted black, have pics, complete grey interior, dash (Broken) cluster is ok, some parts survived the crash (interior wise), projector headlights, altezza taillights, hood/fenders/didnt survive, front bumper and drivin lights did
    basically just ask, ill see if it survived, take pics if necessary, just need to start gettin rid of stuff before i junk the car

    THis is the 95 ex white coupe grey interior
    HERE IS links for pics guys
    dont want to load up thread w/pics

    basically front clip destroyed, and hood, fenders, rear bumper, complete driver side destroyed too

    so with that in mind here is what i have
    complete d16z6 swap, NOTHING wrong perfect condition 500 OBO
    dash cluster w/tach 150
    power mirrors (in white) 100 (with wiring and control box)
    door panels for power windows (with tweeters) controls and everthing
    passenger side door (white) complete power window assembly w/power locks
    Sunroof setup complete w/ switch etc
    complete dash assembly(grey interior)
    both airbags in grey 50 each FIRM (will ship, but prefer not for safety)
    steering wheel assembly w/turn signals, windowshield wiper shift
    heater/ac box/blower setups (all stuff under the dash)
    cruise control setup
    rear seats/front seats grey Twotone, dirty (needs a vacuuming)
    rear trunk setup, (small bend in corner of trunk)
    1 taillight outter, passenger side 20 bucks OBO
    COMPLETE suspension, brake (perfect for brake conversion either upgrade size and/or rear disc conversion, including booster/mastercylinder)
    clock 20 bucks
    hazard button 20 bucks
    radiator fan 20
    condensor for a/c (still to be determined if it survived)

    COMPLETE 5spd conversion pedal setup gas/brake/clutch w/ dead pedal 75 bucks
    can include cluster mastercylinder w/reservior 30 bucks more

    IM sure im missin stuff, tryin to type quick off the top of my head, feel free to ask if you dont see it,

    ALL is located in delaware, willing to ship at buyers expense, if someone wants a PERFECT race shell this is it, just cut off front end, put on fiberglass front, and away u go to race day ILL SELL FOR 50 bucks and pick up, (thats after i strip it)

    LET ME KNOW guys also up for trade
  2. mwvnos

    mwvnos Senior Member

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    Oct 27, 2002
    i need a sohc vtec obd1 engine harness.....complete, you got one youll sell me or are you only selling it with the swap? let me know
  3. gsr hatch

    gsr hatch Member

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    Nov 4, 2003
    phenix city, AL.
    how much would you take for the seats out of both cars? thanks
  4. hondadude199

    hondadude199 New Member

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    Dec 25, 2002
    how many miles on that z6, and would you sell just the longblock and or tranny
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