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Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by mdlax1, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. mdlax1

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    Jan 2, 2003
    On the Proverbial picked fence of Insanity....


    Tired of paying too much for your car parts? Yeah, So were we. Our vision was a site where vendors could come, list their products and in turn we sort your searches based on the LOWEST PRICE.

    Honestly, we couldn't believe anyone hasn't done this before us! But who cares, we're here now you can find your parts all at ONE place from any enrolled vendor and sort by the cheapest price. There's actually another site out there that does the same and has been around for more than 8+ years. If you know your computer parts you'll know what I'm talking about. If you dont again who cares, the days of emptying the wallet are over!


    Buyers can also save and research previous ads or just save previous products just like online auctions. Since we require vendors to update their prices every thirty days, you are sure to get the most current lowest price. Users can also leave vendor feed back, prior to this the only way you could research a reputable vendor, was to go to the car boards and ask, "hey were can I buy this... give me some good vendors" now they will have direct feedback for online vendors from other car people that have used that vendor. You can get what that vendor did good or bad for that sale, what to avoid and what to make sure you focus on when ordering that part.

    If your a serious car tuner or just your average family guy that needs a replacement part PartsCrunch. All of PartsCrunch's vendors compete for the lowest possible price. Which usually ends up being the cheapest on the web anywhere! Forget auctions when you have to fight the other guy for the cheapest price, we have it right in front of your face!

    We offer a few different ways of searching for the specific part you need.

    * Keyword Searching
    * Search by Category (for example look at all the parts for a specific Make within the Engine Sub Category)
    * A complete list of all parts in top level Categories (such as Interior Parts, or Universal parts)

    You can't afford to not check out PartsCrunch if you need that specific part!


    There are a lot of features for vendors as well! First and most important, we made it so that vendors can fill out an excel ® sheet to add products so they don't have to go one at a time to list 4000 parts. They can also do one part if they like. Going back to updating the parts every thirty days, they can mass validate their products with the excel sheet as well.

    Not sure how much you know about how search engines work, but it goes on a networked link type setup. Basically while search engines spider your site (scan) they say "ok how many sites does this site link to and the site they link to, do they link back if so how popular on an average are the two sites in question (not even taking into consideration the "weight" that compounds from all the other sites that are linked on site "A" so if I have a link on CNN and their on mine I get a ton load of traffic just from search engines not even considering users).

    Then if lets say I have www.somedumbsite.com linked on my site too that site gets ranked really high too cause it piggy backs off of CNN popularity and "weight". So vendors will have X amount of parts linking from my site which will have an average for 210,400 estimated hits a week. That equals a lot of weight. So not only are they selling parts, but their helping their marketing for 79 bucks a year in which most cases advertising on major car sites is 75-100+ bucks a month.

    Basically all that mumbo means, if you're a vendor selling your parts online, you will not only kill two birds with one stone (selling parts and getting higher listings on search engines) but if you keep your parts valid and up to date turn a very good profit.
  2. phunky.buddha

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    Sep 30, 2002
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