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performance suggestions

Discussion in 'General Tech and Maintenance' started by zach_teg_king, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. zach_teg_king

    zach_teg_king jdmzach "country boy"

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    Feb 11, 2008
    south central, KY (amishland lol)
    hey guys, i just got my first crx last week, and have been fixing some issues all week, and now that its running like it should and the suspension is stable, and drives good, im trying to decide if i wanna go all motor or boost it. im on a pretty low budget so im leaning towards boosting it.

    what i can get is a volvo 15g turbo, injectors, oil lines, intercooler, all that stuff from a stock 97 volvo 850turbo...but how hard will this specific kit me to swap onto my d16z6 in the 91 crx si i have? im thinking i can get a crx hf stock manifold and fabricate a way to mount the turbo to it since i have the small radiator and plenty of room for a turbo, and im thinking ill need a resistor box for the injectors, and get me some piping for the smic, a stock dsm bov, safc2 and boost controller, and street tune it. is this all possible and sound like im on the right track? here is my crx and my setup so far. ive got a 91 crx si, with a 95 z6 swap and my si tranny, with pacesetter header, spectre cai, 2" exhaust with pacesetter catback muffler, oem replacement shocks/struts with oem springs, traction bars in the front, mounted to a custom brace also, the interior is gutted besides a nice Tenzo R driver seat and crx passenger seat, dash, and gt wheel..it set up for autocross, but im daily driving it as of now, since i own it. also, does anyone know what size the green injectors i have are? ive never seen green ones on a stock z6..



    bay pic1.jpg


    the motor.jpg
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