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PLEASE HELP 97 ex coupe w/gsr swap unfinished

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by goldGSRek97, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. goldGSRek97

    goldGSRek97 New Member

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    Aug 13, 2010
    hi guys i'm evan and i am new to the hondaswap forums, and this is my first thread. i am not an idiot and this is deffinately not my first time messing with cars so i am not a newbie and hondas and i get along great. anyway heres my story. i have a 93 dx coupe with a b18a1, and a 00 b16 tranny. i live in new england so it has typical quarter panel rot. i bought it for 400 w a single cam and had the ls so i threw it in, very easy swap and takes me no more then 4 hours to do anymore. so i just bought a 97 ex coupe which is pretty fresh esp for what i paid. its new gold paint panda style black trunk and roof with a carbonfiber nose. the car came with a gsr swap, not sure which yr exactly yet. now my PROBLEM is the previous owner who swapped it basically threw the motor in it, did not hook ANYTHING up and its missing a dizzy, injectors, fuel rail, like a million nuts and bolts, everything from intake manifold/header studs, crank bolt-fender bolts and the front bumper he said he lost. its also missing the p28 ecu he said was in there.(i'm sure there are other things missing but i'll figure that out later) MY BIGGEST QUESTIONS TO ANYONE(S) OUT THERE WHO CAN PLEASE HELP ME OUT i was wondering if anyone knows the parts i need, like any jumper harnesses for example but just everything i have to get and do to get her going. like i said i am not an idiot and have done many swaps, as well as other stuff esp with hondas in the past, but i have never worked on anything newer then an eg and have not worked much with vtec or changing from obd's so please any information you can give would be greatly appreciated i will take some pictures tonight of what i got and as many that can give you a better idea of the problems i'm facing, thanks for reading,
    Evan w the gold ek:confused:
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