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Polk Speakers for sale

Discussion in 'Computers, Games, Electronics etc' started by Bob Vila, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Bob Vila

    Bob Vila ɐןıʌ qoq Admin VIP

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    Jul 4, 2003
    Bristol, Ct.
    It pains me to sell my bookshelf speakers, I'd love to keep them, but they just don't fit into our new H/T schema any longer. With that said, I have a price below for the complete set, but am willing to separate if the price is right. All in very good condition and sound flawlessly.

    Speakers (all in black):

    2- RT35i Fronts
    RT35i Product Page : Bookshelf/on-wall loudspeaker. : Polk Audio

    2- RT 15 Rears
    RT15i Product Page : Bookshelf/on-wall loudspeaker. : Polk Audio

    1 - CS245i Center Channel
    CS245i Product Page : Two-way, three-driver Center Channel Speaker : Polk Audio

    $300 or b/o for the set + shipping. PM me for more details.

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