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possible b16a SIR1 Obd0 swap questions

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by That Guy, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. That Guy

    That Guy New Member

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    Jun 12, 2007
    Hi. I'm new to Hondaswap but this looks like the best place to ask my question. ;)

    Here is situation:

    I have a del sol Si (d16z6) with a completely stock engine bay.

    Not too long ago, I happened across someone selling a bunch of his older project cars because he decided to buy an NSX. I managed to smooth talk him ;) into selling me a 1990 civic Si with a perfectly running B16a SIR1 Obd0 swap under the hood. It has aftermarket cams, cam gears, hydro tranny, ITR throttle body/intake manifold and is powered by the Obd0 PW0 Ecu (I don't know if anything was done to the ECU).

    The car is very fun to drive. It certainly gets people where they need to go :p but now I have been thinking about swapping the engine with my del sol (and putting the Z6 into the '90 hatch). I know Obd1 > Obd0 is generally a bad idea, but since I already have a hydro tranny and it's the complete swap already running, I was wondering what it would take to transfer it over to my del sol and what I can expect? Would I just be facing wiring problems?

    I've always wanted a del sol VTEC (or del sol with a B18c) but I found a very well cared for Si so I bought that instead and want to oneday swap in a bigger engine. I know speed demons will say to leave it in the hatch, but I'm not trying to be fast. I am trying to fix up my del sol. ^_^

    Money-wise, less than 500$ isn't really a problem. Anything over that would be hard though. I can't afford to buy an Obd2 B16a (or any B series+) swap and I can't sell the hatch because I need the back seat.

    I'm definately willing to do an Obd0 to Obd1 conversion and vice-versa if someone can give me some pointers. Any questions, advice, reference links, etc are very much appreciated.

    Up until a few days ago, I just drove the hatch around as my daily driver, simply enjoying the extra power and keeping the hood closed. After deciding, "hey. I should put this in my del sol!", I went and bought a 2 ton shop crane, came home, popped the engine and went "o :eek: I forgot it's Obd0."

    Please help :(
  2. Dark93DX

    Dark93DX New Member

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    Apr 26, 2007
  3. That Guy

    That Guy New Member

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    Jun 12, 2007
    Thanks. I read that as well as a many other B series swap articles (reading another one right now!). I have a few new questions though:

    Aside from what is listed on the reference you linked (vtec, knock sensor, o2 sensor) would I need to rewire anything else? The D16Z6 wiring harness will work on the B16 with such minor modifications (as long as everything is Obd1)?

    How are the Obd0 to Obd1 conversion harnesses I always see for sale online, should I stay away from those and just swap it in as Obd1 now or would they be fine until I am ready to change everything to Obd1?

    Are alternators Obd sensitive? I'm not very good with Obd compliancy (I've only ever helped/worked with swap items of the same Obd level) but someone was selling an "Obd1 alternator" is why I am asking.

    Assuming I have the following, am I theoretically ready for the B16 swap?:

    Obd0 B16a Sir1 longblock
    Obd1 B series distributor
    Obd1 injectors
    Del sol Si with Si wiring harness
    the Z6 P28 Ecu
    Hydro tranny
    B Series mounts
    Del sol shift linkage
    B series Axles
    Obd1 alternator? :huh:

    Should I definately run a VAFC? I thought that VTEC could be tuned through the Ecu?

    The only problems I see for my specific situation is .......what parts will I now need to run the Z6 in the hatch? Will I need a second Z6 wiring harness or is it possible to convert the Obd0 harness to an Obd1 harness? Should I use another P28 Ecu? Will it conflict with the civic's Obd0 dash harness? It's already rigged for a hydro tranny so the Z6 tranny will work.

    And would I need to keep any parts specific to each chassis or can I do complete swaps of the entire engine bays? (aside from obvious stuff like radiator, a/c, and I guess the wiring harness) I am hoping to frankenstein as little as possible, but various minor changes throughout won't turn me away.

    Thankfully, this doesn't sound as difficult as I originally thought it would be so far. I'm fairly confident I could throw it together and make the B16 run...... but I don't want it to run like crap, have a constant check engine light and not be able to drive my hatch :( so I'm trying to sort and prepare before I start tearing apart both my cars. I thought I had more questions but I guess not for now.

    Major thanks to anyone who helps.

    By the way, pissedoffsol is awesome. The vast majority of the articles that I have been reading are from him. :book: :notworthy2:
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