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Prelude Suspension

Discussion in 'Wheels / Suspension / Tires / Brakes' started by mr_y82, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. mr_y82

    mr_y82 New Member

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    Apr 29, 2008
    I have a 92 prelude with an h22a/lsd. I am running neuspeed sports over agxes... I notice both before and after going away from stock that the driver side front rides lower than the rest (just a little over1 finger gap versus 2 on the other 3 corners).. I have read about this problem before and I guess it is because the weight of the drivetrain in centered to that side (the tranny/intake/etc is on the passenger side). Does that make sense?

    I have really liked the agxes expect for one small thing... they are working on a road near my house and it seems where they have bummed up the road I will sometimes hit something that doesn't look that bad (a small crack in the pavement) and I bottom out pretty hard. I have minimized this by going on the stiffest setting on all 4 corners, and many times bumps that look bigger don't seem to phase the setup... I know agxes warranty is void if you lower more than 1.5" (but I traded my old h23 for the shocks and don't think the warranty transfers) and the NS sports lower 1.7" in front... I thought that was close enough that it would not really matter, seems like logically I should bottom out less with a 1.7" drop on the stiffest setting (which is not really that uncomfortable) than someone with a 1.5" drop running on the softest setting (which I have never used).

    Any pointers, advice, or opinions on all this???

    when these are done I will buy Koni Yellows I believe... love the neuspeeds
  2. Citizen_Insane

    Citizen_Insane Senior Member

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    Jul 24, 2003
    Get a set of ground control coilovers, they're good quality and adjustable. Most of the autoX guys run GC's and Konis. It's a proven setup.
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