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Problems with Swap?

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> BA-BB /CA-CD' started by kash34, May 7, 2005.

  1. kash34

    kash34 Junior Member

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    May 7, 2005
    I havn't done much research on hondas because I'm interested in turbocharged cars, but in the autotrader this week there was a 1995 Honda accord with a H22 turbo engine making 310 whp. Other mods stated in the ad are tein suspension and Hondata 4b management.

    I know that when turbocharging a NA car it is important to do it correctly, so are there any components/mods that I should make sure the seller has installed? Are there any common problems encountered after an engine swap? Are there any common porblems with turbochrging an H22? How much boost would be required to make 310 whp, and can the H22 handle it on a regular basis? Can this car be used as a daily driver, the closest thing ive driven is a stock STI (265 whp i think, but AWD) Can this car be driven in the winter?

    The honda has 80000 kms (50000 miles) on it and he wants 15000 CDN (12000 american) I know i have to get it checked by a mechanic, is there any other things I should check?

  2. tab

    tab Super Moderator

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    Jan 10, 2003
    Aberdeen, Washington State
    Things you should look for. Make sure there are no engine lights on. You don't want to inherit someone elses fuckup. No room for haggling here. If there is a light, don't buy it, or the excuse.

    Confirm the Hondata, and the installation procedure, or who did it. Hondata is top of the line for fuel and timing management, depending on which unit was installed. www.hondata.com for more details.

    For components installed, I would hope that you have learned a little about turbo engines before buying a custom setup. There are a million ways to setup one of these systems, and I would hope the proper steps were taken. Make sure there is no detonation whatsoever. Inspect the install, and see how professional it looks, and whether or not the shit looks ghetto. Looks usually aren't decieving in this department.

    The H22 is 200 HP stock in JDM form. 300 hp is not hard to hit on this engine. If the setup was over 350 hp, then I would want to know the builder of the engine. Ring lands on the H22 piston are notoriously weak for a high boost engine. I don't think this will be a problem on this mild build you are asking about, but you should know not to crank the boost up in the future.

    Intercooler design, fuel management, engine management, turbo size, and an array of other things will determine your maximum horsepower, torque curve, and reliablility.

    The H22 is a good engine, and very reliable in my opinion.
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