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Psycho shock sensor?

Discussion in 'Car Audio / Security / Electronic Accessories' started by DIYperformance, Oct 3, 2003.

  1. DIYperformance

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    Sep 24, 2003
    Hi guys, I bought a nobody alarm off of ebay, cause I don't rely on alarms, I just buy them for the pager option. After installing it, it worked fine, except for that the first two weeks, almost every other time the alarm was active, the shock sensor would sound its' warning beeps from the siren and pager for about a minute, displaying that the car had an impact, no matter how sensative or de-sensative the shock module was set at. After a couple weeks it stopped and worked great, but about four months later now it is going off every 3 hours (which reaaaaalllly sucks overnight :angry: !!!!!), but again just the warning beeps- which are still loud though. The alarm again is a no name company called UFO, model#888.

    Any ideas???

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