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Question To: Those Running H-Series/F-Series in EG/EK

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by Accordian, Dec 11, 2009.

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    Aug 5, 2006
    I'm going to be swapping the F22b1 sohc vtec engine and manual trans from my 94 Accord EX Sedan into my younger brothers 95 Civic DX Hatch (Originally equipped with a D15b7 and an automatic transmission).

    Mounting: of the F22 in the EG. When the F22 is mounted in my accord there is a (1) rear mount, (1) trans mount, (1) drivers side mount *AND (1) front engine/transmission mount that mounts to the front engine cross member. All the mount kits I see (Avid Racing, Innovative, Hasport, Street Imports) That are for installing H and F series into an EG all include only three mounts and not the front engine/transmission mount. Yet the same kit for the EK includes a cross-bar with a mount for the front. Why? It doesn't make sense to run the F series in the EG without it's front mount, it would torque and rock Front/Back horribly. Do I need the kit for the EK? I read somewhere that the engine movement is controlled by using different durometer polyurethane bushings and so, the f22/h22 engines do not need the front mount when in the EG. Is there anyone who has done this swap who might want to chime in?

    Wiring: Is it true that I will be plugging the POA Accord ECU into the EG harness? Then I must add wiring for the VTEC oil pressure switch, VTEC Solenoid, the knock sensor and a few EVAP Wires TO the EG Harness? Could I take just the engine harness from the Accord and swap it in there instead?

    Drive-line: Is it necessary for a different intermediate shaft (half-shaft) than the one already in my Accord? I do understand that I need the H-Swap EG Axles.
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