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questions on a b18b head swap

Discussion in 'Integra' started by calmfornow, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. calmfornow

    calmfornow System Failure Racing

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    May 24, 2007
    Zionsville, pa
    i am picking up a 93 acura integra. it has a b18b swap in it, instead of the b18a engine. he said he bought it with a bad headgasket so he put a new gasked on and he drove it about 10 miles, and he said the headgasket went on him again and said the head it bad. so i was thinkin about throwing a gsr b18c1 head on there but i didnt know what it consited on. i know i will need the complete head with the vtec solenoid, and vtec pressure sensor....how many custom swap parts will i need...im broke so im trying to debate this problem, because i can get the gsr head pretty cheap....im not the best with this answer because i am an accord guy.....i swaped in a jdm h22a in my 91 accord and any questions on accords i will be able to answer but the b18's and integras im not the best with. even if someone posts a link that will answer for me that will be awsome thanks a lot
  2. noxtem

    noxtem New Member

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    Mar 27, 2008
    You need to either relocate and drill out the dowel holes, or get some lsvtec dowels, you can get them on ebay. Dont know how reliable they are.
    You will want to replace water pump, fuel pump, timing belt. You NEED stronger head bolts, and rod bolts. Ide change the bearings if i was you..that head needs a oil hole plugged up on the bottom, and a oil feed. You can do this two ways, either get a kit which takes oil from the oil filter and brings it up to the head. Or you can split the stock oil line to the block, and bring it up to the head. The swap you are talking about is cheap, but to do it right.. its a headache. Look up LS Vtec on the forums. or google, that is all the info you need.

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