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Rain Tracker Install

Discussion in 'Auto Multi-Media' started by |Chaz|, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member

    So I was searching around on the internet and found this neat little kit that fits nearly any car. A few wires and instant luxury car (or at least the automatic windshield wiper part). It comes with a three year warranty. It was $80 + Shipping/Tax. Ordered it on the 2-28, it arrived on 3-1, quite speedy. I've never had something be delivered that quickly.

    Box showed up a little squished, but nothing was damaged inside.


    Comes with everything needed for my install + some extra resistors for other applications. The Rain Tracker system can also be utilized as an auto on headlight sensor. It is slightly harder to wire up, I may attempt it eventually. There are a few extra things that are needed for that though.


    I'll do my best to take pictures and detail the install once I begin.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2012
  2. eg6sir

    eg6sir Supa Mod Moderator

    broken pics
  3. eg6sir

    eg6sir Supa Mod Moderator

    and, i know you're not stupid or lazy.. so why do you need something to run your wipers for you? thats just retarded.. kinda hard to forget to run the wipers when you cant see out the windshield.. lol

    also love the pic on their site .. a woman swerving w/ rain all over her windshield.. lol

  4. TurboMirage

    TurboMirage Finally boostin'

    one thing i really really like about the corolla. auto-on lamps. they are pretty much flawless.
  5. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member

    Because it makes me feel a little bit better about driving around a 20 year old car with 200k miles ^_^. I'll upload the pictures when I get home, it's a PITA here at work.
  6. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member

    Pics up.
  7. GSRCRXsi

    GSRCRXsi Super Moderator Moderator

    how does this work? how does the system know when its raining?
  8. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member

    Here's how it works.
  9. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member

  10. ls94civic

    ls94civic New Member

    that's pure fucking lazy
  11. awptickes

    awptickes unimpressed by you

    Or use Rain-X or Aquapel and never have to use windshield wipers.
  12. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member

    From what I gather, I'll have one of the only EG Civics with automatic wipers. Who cares if it's lazy. Of course it's unnecessary. I'm doing it because it'll be nice to have. Same reason why I will some day have heated seats in my car. Because I can.
  13. awptickes

    awptickes unimpressed by you

    Heated seats are nice anywhere north of Arkansas. That's the one option I really wish was available for my car in the US.
  14. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member


    From what I've heard, these guys are supposed to make a pretty decent kit. I was looking at getting some awhile ago but I have a big ole' tear in my drivers side gsr seat area that I need to get fixed or find someone willing to part with just a drivers side that has no rip. It's hard to find gsr "leather" seats in tan.
  15. newb

    newb phresh

    So where do the sensors mount on the windshield?

    I guess if your driving down the road it doesnt matter. Water will hit the windshield pretty evenly. Just curious.

    As for it being lazy, in the area we live in it should be required standard equipment.
  16. Jeef

    Jeef NO MA'AM Moderator

    The only good thing is it would give you more than 2 or 3 speeds for your wipers.
  17. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member

    Yea, that will be nice. Typically most of my driving is done with my gf. One hand on the wheel the other on her leg or holding her hand. So yes, pure fucking laziness.
  18. awptickes

    awptickes unimpressed by you

    Maybe you need to:

    1: grow up, she'll be there when you get out of the car.
    2: learn how to drive with two hands. I doubt you can react quickly enough with only one hand.
    3: realize that you might be putting other people in danger by being a selfish jackass. See 1, then see 2.

    FYI, my girlfriend thinks you're a jackass for this as well.

    EDIT: When posting this I didn't think about the fact that most of the people on this board don't have to put up with the same traffic I do on a daily basis.
    Last edited: Mar 5, 2012
  19. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member

    Typically I like you and your presence awptickes. Why are you being an asshole in this thread though?
  20. BigJ

    BigJ I'm just about that action Boss.

    Don't fret man, I follow similar suit. If riding alone I usually am driving from my lap(palms facing up at 4 and 8. Us washington drivers are way to leisurely to warrant it on the freeway casually jonting about on the weekends.

    Now if I were to try that in seattle where I live, I'd probably hit ole granny trying to cross the road for no apparent reason.

    ANd I love this idea of the luxury item because I am in a similar boat besides 20 years old or 200k. My car feels like a cheap piece of crap some days, even though its pretty damn reliable, just rattles.

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