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rear mount? with b18a swap in Crx

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by daflipcyde, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. daflipcyde

    daflipcyde Junior Member

    i have a hcp motor mounts and everything lines up except the bracket that goes from the rear mount to the back of the block. im using a 94 gsr bracket cuz i had it
    laying around but it doesn't quite fit. im just wanna know what bracket to use.
    should i use 90-93 bracket? does it matter if its auto or manual?
  2. B16RacerN2NR

    B16RacerN2NR Working Hard


    you will need the 90-93 integra bracket for sure...i'm not sure if it matters if it's auto or manual tho
  3. Slo86GT

    Slo86GT Super Moderator

    It does matter. You need the 90-93 Integra MT bracket.
  4. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

    No it doesnt, I osld GSRCRXsi a rear mount bracket off my 93 Integra motor which was an automatic, and it never hassled him. The brackets are the exact same. I've got one if you need it. $50 shipped.

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