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Discussion in 'Body / Exterior / Interior / Cosmetics' started by evilgsr, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. evilgsr

    evilgsr Member

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    Mar 7, 2004
    I have a 96 gsr with overall good body and paint, i have no major rust spots but there are a number of small nicks on the roof and doors that have developed what appears to be surface rust (about a 1/2 pencil eraser sized area). What is the best way to go about repairing this, is it ok to just clean the area with alcohol and dab some touch up paint over it to prevent the spread of rust or do i need to actually sand off the rust and then paint over it? There are a 1000 different sites about this that I've found but they've all pointed me in slightly different directions; I'm just trying to figure out whats worked best for everyone.. thanks
  2. swanny

    swanny Senior Member

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    Jul 13, 2003
    buck teeth and government checks, PA
    sandblast the or sand the rust down to bare metal
    apply any body filler, glazing putty etc.
    sand to contour
    wipe it down with some wax and grease remover
    blow it off with compressed air (if available)
    apply some sort of self-etching or epoxy primer
    apply sandable primer surfacer
    wipe it down with some wax and grease remover
    blow it off with compressed air (if available)
    then get the panels resprayed or touch up the spots

    As far as preventing rust go to any body shop supply store and ask for seal out, it's shit colored grease that you spray into the bottom of your doors and inbetween panels to stop rust. There is also sprayable wax corrosion protection that works pretty slick. If your ghetto use a lil 5w30 :blacksmile:
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