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Since there's not really a lighting forum...

Discussion in 'Body / Exterior / Interior / Cosmetics' started by Battle Pope, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. Battle Pope

    Battle Pope New Member

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    Jun 22, 2004
    Southern Oregon Coast
    I've got Denji G2 non-halo projectors with the citylights. My passenger side projector has "went out" twice now. I'm assuming there's a problem behind the bulb somewhere. They were installed with the supplied wiring harness and everything and have been working very well up till now. Now before all of you start saying, "Put the OE ones back in!" -The OE ones broke. That's why I got these. Plus, I like projectors better than reflector type headlamps.

    Now, my quandry is, what brand of headlight should I be looking for? If it turns out my Denjis aren't fixable, what should I be looking for?
  2. phunky.buddha

    phunky.buddha Admin with a big stick Admin VIP

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    Sep 30, 2002
    Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
    Go get the TYC one piece projectors. They're actually better quality and have a better beam pattern than the Denjis. If you search around on Civicland and Honda-Tech, there's a thread by a guy named "Comutek" that shows his installation and beam pattern pictures.
  3. 92civicb18b1

    92civicb18b1 The Trisexual

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    Oct 1, 2003
    The asshole of the USA, New Jersey
    Are you positive you have the wiring harness connected right, it's not hard but maybe you fucked up somewhere?

    I had those projectors in my old hatch, I didn't use the harness and for months I was fine...then i crashed it, now I got some gay blue bulbs in the 93 hatch to set off the red and gunmetal paint job.

    I also think the TYC one peice headlights are nice looking, never had them so I know nothing about the quality.
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