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So-Cal, San Diego - 93 Civic EX Shell CLEAN TITLE

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Essenar, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. Essenar

    Essenar Junior Member

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    May 10, 2006
    If you notice in my GSR swap for sale thread, I'm giving up on my project since I don't have the $400-500 needed to finish.

    This shell has everything EXCEPT the motor. It has the exhaust, wheels, brakes, working electronics and cassette AM/FM radio, power windows, MOONroof, front AND rear seats.

    It's CLEAN TITLE, which makes it an immediate rarity for the Honda community.

    Since this is the perfect shell for an enthusiast looking to start a 10,000 dollar EJ1 project, it's not a CHEAP SHELL. So don't throw me lowball offers because honestly, this isn't a shell for someone who wants to pay a cheap amount to get a cheap swap going.

    Clean title shells are for true enthusiasts only, as they allow you to put full coverage insurance on your car and it means the frame has never been bent.

    I'm asking $1400 picked up, and I'm pretty near firm on the price. There are offers I'd be willing to take, but over-all, you can't BS me too much on this one since I know what clean title shells are worth.




    AIM : Sonikemcee
    MSN: shaded_flare@hotmail.com

    Car is located in 92243, 120 miles east of San Diego, and about 3 hours drive from LA.

    I will not hold onto it unless you pay 50% up front and you have to pay the full amount in 2 weeks or less or your deposit is refunded MINUS 75$ for wasting my time. You also can't take the shell or anything inside it until you pay the full amount we AGREE ON the day you pay the deposit. A $1400 agreed price will not magically turn into a $1300 price after a week when you leave me $700 initially.

    Like I said earlier, this is for serious buyers only since a shell like this is hard to find.
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