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So got another project done...sort of.

Discussion in 'Other Vehicle Discussions' started by Airjockie, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. Airjockie

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    Jan 21, 2003
    Meriden, CT, USA
    The Subby was getting bad on the highway...steering slop all over the place. So finally gat around to replacing the steering rack with the help from Tristen. Now the car feels tighter. We did a eyeball alighnment and didn't do to bad...but the test drive last night to work and back it was toed in a bit. Took it to Firestone and had them give me a quik alignment for $80ish. And its rolling somewhat better...they couldn't fix the rear alighnment, so I'll have to take it to a subby dealer to have them knock it straight...but here's the measurements...


    Left Camber -0.5*
    Laft Caster 3.2*
    Left Toe 0.39*
    Right Camber 0.0*
    Right Caster 3.3*
    Right Toe -1.17*
    Total Toe -0.78*


    Left Camber -0.4*
    Left Caster 3.2*
    Left Toe -0.05*
    Right Camber -0.1*
    Right Caster 3.3*
    Right toe -0.05*
    Total toe 0.11*

    So now the Subby should drive straighter, be autocross worthy for the wife this season, and save the tires a little longer.

    And got some new headlight bulbs...since one burned out two days ago, and one of the fog light burned out, so I got a bulb for that as well, then some cleaning products to freshen up the cleanliness.

    Replaced the front pad a week ago, so now the car stops on a dime with the new rubber. And the MPG is creeping up a little, it was 19-20 mpg...now it's hitting 21mpg...a little more to tune it up and it should be nearly perfect....

  2. 801CRX

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    Dec 2, 2006
    Hell yeah!
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