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Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by hmanb16, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. hmanb16

    hmanb16 Junior Member

    Is it better to go with SOHC for turbo or DOHC? I have heard that SOHC is better but that doesn't seem right....please help me....Thank You
  2. BrahmaBullSQ

    BrahmaBullSQ Senior Member

    Welp. You can make SOHC D-series fast but I'm ALL for DOHC B-Series VTEC. 99 times out of 100.... if not 100 of 100... the DOHC will create more power. Just be prepared to dump a fair amount of money into it.
  3. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    anyone saying a sohc is a better motor is simply wrong. there's no debate.

    the b-series are stronger, better built, and will make more power, setup for setup.
  4. hmanb16

    hmanb16 Junior Member

    anyone else? anything will help....
  5. h22bubbleback

    h22bubbleback Senior Member

    uv heard everything u need to hear

    of course u can make a d-series fast but the money you'll put into would have created you alot more power in a dohc...

  6. Loco Honkey

    Loco Honkey Banned

    SOHC- cheap, limited, fun power.

    DOHC- expensive, capable of more power than you can handle, not so fun power because when it breaks you can't buy an engine for $50.

    For a daily driver, I'd boost the D and call it a day. For a project car, I'd go with the B and NOT SKIMP ON FUEL.
  7. SolLess16

    SolLess16 Senior Member

  8. calvin

    calvin Senior Member

    sohc+tubo is funny, but very weak and faster then a stock dohc vtec.
  9. reckedracing

    reckedracing TTIWWOP

    are you talking strictly single D vs. dual B?
    or are you talking single vs dual D's?

    i've heard that the ZC has an ideal combustion chamber for boost...
  10. BrahmaBullSQ

    BrahmaBullSQ Senior Member

    Does it matter??? The twin cam D will make more power than the SOHC. Again... DOHC is better than SOHC.
  11. StealthMode

    StealthMode Kung Foolin'

    i think it just depends on what you want out of the car. i personally am 17 and don't have to money to go DOHC. so i decided to do the mini me in my 94 CX hatch and my plans are to go turbo. this is my second (well, first REAL car my first was an 85 chrysler lebaron) but of course it will be my daily driver. i'm not looking to get 500 hp out of my car, but i think a decent 200 hp out of the SOHC is worth my time, money and effort. eventually i may go DOHC in another car, but these are my plans for the time being. it's all a matter of preference
  12. singlecam

    singlecam Junior Member

    It all depends on what your goals are.. I've spent less money on my sohc than a gsr swap and it will put down close to what a stock gsr turbo'd would... The torque is an added plus.
  13. brc80

    brc80 Senior Member

    I'd like to see a dyno sheet of that. Or at least a list of mods.
  14. Loco Honkey

    Loco Honkey Banned


    That's my old turbo '93 Si hatch with a full interior that'd beat ITR powered CX hatches. I have no dynos or time slips. Only my word that the claim is factual and accurate.
  15. singlecam

    singlecam Junior Member

  16. dvus1

    dvus1 Senior Member

  17. h22bubbleback

    h22bubbleback Senior Member

    for the 1,000,000th time.... dollar for dollar dohc will take a sohc

    of course there are sohc that can rape a dohc..but how much money was spent?
  18. red95solsi

    red95solsi Senior Member

    i spent ten times as much getting the del sol into the 15s (read 15.9) then i had to spend getting the integra into the 14s (read mid-low 14s) what do you think is better
  19. singlecam

    singlecam Junior Member

    I beg to differ on the dollar for dollar statement a little bit(again, comparing apples to oranges). Take a B16 for example. How much does a complete B16 swap go for? That includes replacing clutch, timing belt, water pump etc.
    I think total I have $3000 into my sohc including the swap itself, ex lsd tranny, new ACT clutch, machine work, build, etc. I don't want to think about it :roll: Here is my dyno from last week with a shitty air fuel tune(air fuel was with a sniffer for this pull) http://www.5thgencivic.com/pics/tfdynojet2.jpg at 12psi. Going back this Thursday to retune, get rid of the cat and up the boost to hit 300whp. If I was going for maximum power I would have went with a dohc, but I'm not. I happen to like the torque numbers of the singles as well as the LS's... Peace.
  20. phunky.buddha

    phunky.buddha Admin with a big stick Admin

    I agree... most of you here aren't comparing the same thing. Sure, a DOHC will almost always outperform a SOHC engine with the same displacement and mods, but you have to spend a sizable amount of cash to get the DOHC into the car in the first place. Dollar for dollar, the DOHC plus turbo is more expensive than the SOHC with turbo- at least until you start getting past the limits of the SOHC platform, and swapping then boosting is easily in the budget.

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