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Starting My D16 Build Up

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by BlackDelSol, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. BlackDelSol

    BlackDelSol Banned

    i'm gona start building my d16 soon and need to start ordering parts. i am gona go all motor and a 100 or 150 shoot of nitrous for the track. i'm planing on getting the blocked re-sleeved and installing a block guard. i'm cheap so i'm just gona get some ls rods and have them shot peend. but i'm not shure about pistons, i was just gona get some zc pistons (again, because i'm cheap) but i wanna run a bigger shot of nitrous now so i think i need better pistons. i'm also wondering if i should upgrade my O rings and barings. do you think this needed or are the stock ones ok?
    so this is what i need to know:
    1) what sleevs should i get, how hard are they to install, and what is a good price?
    2) what pistons should i get, will they work with the ls rods, and what do they cost?
    3) do i need to upgrade my O rings and barings?

    oh, and do i need a block guard or do i evan need to sleeve the block for nitrous? or do i just need to upgrade the pistons and rods?(but remember, i'm a cheap bastard)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Domeskilla

    Domeskilla Senior Member

    I dont think LS rods will fit without them being resized and you can pick up Eagle rods for roughly 400-450 a set. ZC pistons could handle a 75 ZEX shot all day, but if you are going that much, then i would get some Roller Waves from Endyn.

    To get 100% insurance, I would send it to Golden Eagle, get their Godzilla sleeves. They handle up to 40psi of boost, but it will cost around 1000 to resleeve it.

    I would replace all bearing you have since the motor will be rebuilt.

    I myserlf and going all motor, but with a d15 stroker. I am looking at 12.6-13.0 Roller Wave pistons and not using n2o at all (well, i hope not). I am going "all out", 4.7 FD Si tranny and trying to get 200whp down. Lets pray. :)

    Check out www.dseries.org for d-series talk. Here, 99.9% of the ppl tell you to swap.
  3. BlackDelSol

    BlackDelSol Banned

    i have a 75 shoot on my d15 mini me with a d16y8 head with a stock bottom end. i think i can probly run a 100 shoot on zc pistons. i was reading a post on Honda-Tech and the guy said that ls rods fit and work great. i dont want to spend $1000 for re-sleeving so i probly wont get that done unless i can do it myself, i'll probly just put a block guard in. i'm just gona have to settel for a 100 shoot :( . what do you think this setup will produce w/out nitrous and w/nitrous? remember, i'm a cheap bastard and i am still a high school student working on computers 7 days a week, but i make prity good money for my age (i'm only a 17 year old senior) and i'm on a budget.
  4. Domeskilla

    Domeskilla Senior Member

    I am sure they fit, but you might want to research what mods will have to be done to them.

    If you want to go all motor, but on a budget, it seems n2o is your only "hope" for real power. You can get ZC pistons, but if you are using a y8 head gasket, you will have around 11-11.5 CR. I think that is a little high to run a 100 shot without really good tuning. So, you might want to look at a Z6 head gasket to lower the CR.

    Since you wont be on the bottle 24/7, then you should build the motor up for all motor and just add what n2o shot you can with the mods you have. So, you can run a 50 shot of zex for sure with the zc pistons/y8 gasket. Just get a vfac to help tune. Its all in tuning mang. Being a HS student, I would go for the vfac to help with your tuning so you wont blow your motor.

    With the d15, y8 head, zc pistons, and a 50 shot.. on a stock cam and no tuning. I would say roughly 150-160 to the wheels. Get it tuned and a nice cam, probably around 170-175 to the wheels. If you can step up to 75 shot, then i would and get around 200 to the wheels with tuning.
  5. BlackDelSol

    BlackDelSol Banned

    thats basicly what i have now. this is what i have.

    Black 1994 del sol
    p & p mini-me swap
    9.5mm plug wires
    zex cold plugs
    dc 4-2-1 header
    flowmaster exaust
    custom 3" cai
    70mm bored throtelbody
    R1 Racing coilovers
    MSD SCI ignition
    MSD Blast 2 coil
    fields sfc v-tec controller
    75 shot custom nitrous system.
    full interior with stock steelies
  6. Domeskilla

    Domeskilla Senior Member

    Id switch back to ngk plugs and stock ignition. Its good for 10k rpms and around 350whp. Just so you know.

    Get a real exhuast, the flowmaster was built for domestics (unless they have a new import muffler), so the muffler is huge, and wide.. probably losing performance with it. If you do racing mostly and want more top end power, get a 4-1 header. A ZEX stage 1 cam would be a nice upgrade for that setup. Also, the SKunk2 IM is coming out in 6 weeks. 70 is a huge TB and IMO, to big for that motor. If its to big, you can begin to see air "stack up" and actually cause a little of a loss.

    What I would do is, get ZC pistons, z6 head gasket (you can get y8 later if you can get 11-11.6 CR to handle the n2o shot), 4-1 header, 2.5 exhuast with a different muffler and tune it and then later, get a stage 1 cam from ZEX. (you dont have to get all of that once, just slowly compile it)

    Do you EVER plan to swap? If so, you are just wasting money you could be saving for a b16sir2, b16a2 or a rare b16a3.
  7. BigJ

    BigJ I'm just about that action Boss.

    Domeskilla knows his d-series stuff! My gosh if I ever want to make my piece fast, I know where to go to.
  8. BigJ

    BigJ I'm just about that action Boss.

    Domeskilla knows his d-series stuff! My gosh if I ever want to make my piece fast, I know where to go to.
  9. sohc doc

    sohc doc Junior Member

    heres my suggestion:

    -b16a rods, you'll have to notch the block just a little no big deal, lowers compression, with the LS rods you will raise a little
    -Toyota 1G-GTE pistons (factory forged) 70 bucks each
    -machine work for piston to work with rod
    -Z6/Y8 head, Y8 manifold, b16a throttle body
    -Zex camshaft

    this setup with a block guard and hondata with excellent tuning will handle up to 1.2 bar, 17.5 psi with no resleaving, its been proven.
  10. Domeskilla

    Domeskilla Senior Member

    He is a HS kid on a tight budget. I dont think he will have the money for that.

    I read the honda-tech article you were talkn about man.. he said you have to get them modded and then modded at the wrist pin to fit a6 pistons..

    I will just go with the extra insurance of eagles, simply b/c i trust them and b/c no machine shop *i* trust with that shit around here.
  11. BlackDelSol

    BlackDelSol Banned

    my flowmaster is a 60 series, the import series. and i have my intake mani. port matched to match the 70 mm TB. i was gona get a zex cam, but they are on back order for a long time and i dont whant to wait that long so i ordered the new edelbrock jg steet/strip cam from a guy that bought the wrong one. (i'm only paying $185 shipped from cali. for a brand new unopened $350 cam. :) ) i wanted to get higher compression so i would still have some pritty good power on the street, i'll only be using my nitrous about twice a week on thursday and fridays at the drag strip. (most of the people that go to the local strip around here just have I/H/E and think there fast, so there not hard to hustle and make money off) and an engine builder here in va told me that 4-2-1 headers were better for drag sohc's, thats why i bought them. BTW, i'm not building my d15, i'm geting a new d16y8 so i wont have any down time other then when i do the swap. but thanks for the help, keep it coming.
  12. sohc doc

    sohc doc Junior Member

    this project(piston/rod combo) shouldn't cost more than 400 dollars, thats how much you suggested alone for rods from eagle. plus he said he wanted to do the zc pistons, and they are 60 bucks from the dealer you could probably find LS rods and the toyota pistons at a junkyard or ebay for 200 buck if you looked. Plus you don't need to have a hondata or similar system with the nitrous setup he suggested, but if you run 17.5 psi i hope you would! but with a 150 shot and decent fuel management from a zex kit i don't see this project having a high expense toll. i mean let alone a b16a swap is gonna cost you at the lowest 2000 bucks, you already have the d series motor, put 2000 dollars into that and you will be blasting the socks off any hybrid swapper even if they have boost.
  13. Domeskilla

    Domeskilla Senior Member

    Niiiiiice. I didnt know JG made any. They need to update their fucking site some!

    vtec makes all power after vtec, most of the time that is from 4500-8k. A 4-1 will flow better up there. I haven't seen many 4-1's for a d-series. But, Bisimoto is making street 4-1 headers for around 500 bucks. Tell him your yr, you wanna keep the a/c and he said he will make them or have his shop make them.



    EF model (can't keep a/c with this particular one)

    Hell you are on the right path without going full aftermarket, which you may need to.
  14. BlackDelSol

    BlackDelSol Banned

    thanks sohc doc, i think i'll look for those pistons. that sounds like a good setup for me. i'v never heard of it befor but it sounds like it would work good. would i have to do any boring to make them fit? i'm gona have to talk to him. and about the a/c. i'f i take out my a/c will the heater still work. i dont have the belt on my compressor right now (it's a long story) but my heater is still working, thats why i'm asking. i'd like to take it out, but i dont want to have to put it back in next fall for the winter. thanks for the help. and the exaust mani. looks fuckin krazy.
  15. sohc doc

    sohc doc Junior Member

    nope same bore size, good luck on the setup
  16. phunky.buddha

    phunky.buddha Admin with a big stick Admin

    Bisi's header looks badass.

    To make LS rods work in a D block:

    1. Shave big end of rod to fit crank
    2. Buy bushing for pin end to fit smaller wrist pin of D series piston - I think Crower sells these

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