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swap options

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by ilovemysol, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. ilovemysol

    ilovemysol New Member

    well today i noticed a clicking noise from my 93 del sol d16z6 and realized it was the crankshaft well im thinking about doing a swap possibly a B series motor:D one that has the same wiring as the current D16Z6 motor any help will be appreciated.
  2. dtob

    dtob New Member

    Search! There's lots of info, you just need to look for it.
  3. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member

    Another d16z6 will have the exact same wiring. You're going to have to change some stuff if you swap in a B series motor. It all depends on what your budget is.
  4. buttered corn

    buttered corn New Member

    my vote is for b16a or b18c1
  5. dtob

    dtob New Member

    The proper gen B16 (OBD1) would have the same wiring.
  6. rashidul227

    rashidul227 New Member

    i say go for a b18
  7. ilovemysol

    ilovemysol New Member

    ok thanks thats what i was wondering.:cool:
  8. ilovemysol

    ilovemysol New Member

  9. BrutalB83

    BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator

    The SiR2 is OBD1...

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