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Swap pics... OBD2 B16 into 96 Ek hatch

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by NARKOSIS, Nov 2, 2006.


    NARKOSIS New Member

    Using my shitty camera on my Moto Q. Gonna try and snag a better cam once the motor gets here today or tomorrow. Ill add pics as more stuff happens

    My lil buddy...

    The little D that couldnt... idler seized up on the timing belt on the highway. Spent $500 at a mechanic, said it was fine, started it up and it sounded like shit. They compression tested it and found that 2 cylinders were fine, 1 was bad, the other was dead.

    The man of the hour doing the swap. Probably loves Hondas more than me. Drives a really nice 06 RSX Type-S with some mods.

    Removed the axles and drained the radiator fluid and removed the intake mani for easier access

    Removing the wiring harness since I've read its much easier to take it out and plug everything into the new motor before dropping it in

    Tonight we are disconnecting the rest of the misc shit, supporting the engine to remove the mounts and lifting the tired D outta there. Should be receiving my A/C bracket and intake tonight, radiator hoses tomorrow via Honda, and exhaust Monday. Clutch and short shifter came yesterday.

    Any tips/pointers are definitely welcome. Its our first swap (although Scotts been working on hondas and cars in general for 4 years now).
  2. formby

    formby learning in progress

    take is slow and look twice, wrench once.

    good luck
  3. Estorvito

    Estorvito Soy Boricua

    ^^take it slow? U nutZ? lol jk

    It should only take you 3 hours total.

    Good Luck!:p
  4. 97ekhb

    97ekhb New Member

    goodluck, looking good so far.
    Where did you get your swap?
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2006

    NARKOSIS New Member

    got it from hmotorsonline.com. And just got a call from the receiving shop that it just arrived. Told me 6-7 days and it was 7 days, so far very happy. They have on their site the 92-95 swap for 2250 but since Im using an Ek, its been recommended to stick with OBD2 for simplicity. So they had two of the 96-98 SiR motors in stock which ran me a grand total of about 3100 i believe.

    Steve originally thought he had one with lsd and one without. I didnt want to shell out the extra $300 for the lsd though. But, as it turns out, he called me last friday as they were loading it on the truck and mentioned that both had the lsd and the one they were selling me also had a jazma header (which from honda-tech is supposed to be a Mugen header). He wanted only $200 to save him the hassle of removing both parts so I couldnt pass it up.

    NARKOSIS New Member

    i know e-racing is bogus but im just trying to get an idea of what a decent pass would be down the 1/4. Do you think (with decent driver/tires) I could break into the 14s with full i/h/e and it being gutted?
  7. divisii

    divisii Member

    sounds about right, 14's
  8. formby

    formby learning in progress

    high14s are with in reach....

    NARKOSIS New Member

    running into the an issue with wiring up the vtec solonoid and pressure switch. OBD2 motor and car, is there a wiring diagram for it or do both sensors only use one wire and go right to the ecu plugs? Both connectors has 2 wires coming off them and not sure where the others go. ALl the diagrams I've seen are for obd1 cars

    NARKOSIS New Member

    after a few hours of searching around i finally found out that there is no pressure switch on 96+ cars, its all figured out through the solonoid. Now I need to fix the tps sensor, somehow that got screwed up. anyone know if I can use the tps off my old intake mani?
  11. formby

    formby learning in progress

    you can dremel a slit in the head and use a screw driver... or drill it out

    NARKOSIS New Member

    i read on honda-tech that I cant use that one. they said it has to be the same style inake mani (tb being either vertical or horizontal)??

    NARKOSIS New Member

    anyone have any other insight on this TPS problem? Looking on Ebay and a lot of them say "will fit ALL 91-00 civics"
  14. formby

    formby learning in progress

    just look at them do they look the same? i believe all tps are the same on hondas

    NARKOSIS New Member

    no, they are all not the same. Atleast the only one that would be different is the intake mani on my old d16y7 which has the tb opening facing up, not to the left. found out through honda-tech. When I hook up a multimeter to check the voltage, the idle should read .5v and wot should read 4.5v. Mine was reading the exact opposite, which means I need to switch the two outside wires on the TPS. This was the explanation i got which sounds right...

    NARKOSIS New Member

    well all that tps re-wiring stuff was complete BS. So my apologies to those I disagreed with. Found out the REALLY hard way lol No one (in any of the write-ups I read) mentioned a small issue with the MAP and TPS connectors on a DX harness. Some of you may already know where this is going but Ill explain anyway (it helps me to vent my frustration lol).

    First we cut the tps connector and re-wired it, thinking "sweet! easy fix!". I got it rewired and tested the voltage and it was still off. It was reading .4 @idle and about 2.9 @ WOT. I just said screw it and tried starting the car thinking that it would atleast kick over and go from there... wrong! The car cranked over for about 1 second then died. Now im getting reeeally pissed. We started screwing with the connector after cutting it completely off and started doing a small electricity flow diagram with a sharpy trying to figure it all out. No luck. So I just left the sensor off and started it up and started throttling it slightly and threw a CEL. Good! Its probably the TPS. Nope... MAP sensor. WTF?

    Im standing there with my buddy looking at it and then I had the bright idea of grabbing the old mani and laying it on top of the new one. Problem solved instantly with us kicking each other in the asses.

    On the DX harness and the way the intake manifold is designed is exactly opposite of the design on the b16 manifold. The DX harness MAP and TPS plugs line up perfectly on the new mani but they are reversed which threw us waaay off. So we wired the TPS sensor back the way it was suggested to us along with extending it to reach and started the car up. Still idled really weird, just wasnt smooth. So we adjusted the timing and still wasnt sounding right. Screw it, I re-wired the tps back to the original wiring, started it up and music to our ears. Ill be posting the rest of my swap pics either later tonite or tomorrow at work. Buts its running real strong and sounds sooo nice... with the exception of my exhaust which was too long so Im driving it with the hi-flow cat and the first piece of piping... can you say LOOUUD!? lol

    First time swapping a motor, great experience and learned a lot. Cant wait for the next one, I really enjoyed it, even with some "Homer" moments

    NARKOSIS New Member

    oh yeah, and Steve at hmotors called me back last night during the test drive and were very eager to fix anything that went wrong. Meaning the broken TPS sensor and the header leak and/or crack. Said he'd ship it out asap. Great guys to do business with. Also found out that the lsd thats in there is either a Kaaz or Cusco lsd... can you say saahh-weeeet? lol
  18. formby

    formby learning in progress

    so they are the same?

    NARKOSIS New Member

    indeed they are:ph34r:
  20. formby

    formby learning in progress

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