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Swapping 99 B16B in 98 CX Hatch

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by skibum853, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. skibum853

    skibum853 New Member

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    Sep 23, 2007
    OK, well some background. I am currently swapping in a 99 B16B into my 98 hatch CX and having some problems with wiring and vac. Ok, quite a few. The new motor came with and uncut wiring harness and ecu, granted it was for a RHD car. I thought i was going to be smart and jsut extend all the wires a bit to make them reach to the other side of the vehicle, which they eventually did. went to go plug in the ecu that came with the motor, and to my suporise it didnt fit. its an obd2a computer and i checked the numbers and it is the right ecu, but only on plug fit, and on top of that for some weird reason the b16b wiring harness only has two ecu plugs, not three. So then i was like ok, ill jsut modify my d16y7 harness to work. probobly wouldnt have been a huge problem except that i put a skunk2 intake manifold and throttle body so that just messed with it anymore so now im just not sure what to do about wiring anymore. with minor moding, will a 99 civic si harness fit?? what would be the easiest thing to do in my situation? cuze you see i am literally in the middle of the swap and just wanna get it going. it would be great if someone could show me or get me some ecu pinouts for the d16y7 ecu and the b16b ecu, diagram of what sensor is what, or just anything that would make this go a little better.

    2nd thing, now that i have the aftermarket intake manifold throttle body ect...were do i run the hose from the evap canister to???

    3rd anyone konw where i can get a drivers side axle for this swap? the one that came with the motor has all the threads on the spindle justs effed up.

    i think thats it for now. thanks for any help you can give me with this and sorry it was such a long winded posts.
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