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SWTOR beta

Discussion in 'Computers, Games, Electronics etc' started by Rammus, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Rammus

    Rammus New Member

    Have been playing abit since they have been doing the server stress testing, and lifted the non disclosure agreement figured I would get some opinions.

    I thought it was okay nothing that "wow's" it away from the crowd. Did like the "light side, dark side" system thought it was a nice touch to an MMO that makes multiple charictors more worth while than just more professions and bank slots.
  2. Battle Pope

    Battle Pope New Member

    I have been taking intravenous doses of this since saturday morning. I wish they'd just take my money already.

    I am a huge Star Wars nerd, and it's a familiar yet refreshing departure from both crappy Star Wars games and similar fantasy MMOs.
  3. vtecsir1

    vtecsir1 Senior Member

    I played swg from the first year on until a year or 2 ago, I have been in beta for like 6 months or so for swtor.

    I like it, I have stopped playing so I wont be burned out when it actualy comes out. Its not old school swg where the pvp was just ridiculous and you could roll combat medic/teras kasi and just listen to people cry while you destroyed them lol.

    yeah im that guy...
  4. Rammus

    Rammus New Member

    Oh gods I hate you so much right now! :D
  5. vtecsir1

    vtecsir1 Senior Member

    lol did you play swg before CU?

    I had poison and disease that ticked for 2k a sec, people would scatter when we rolled into naboo.... man i sound like a dork.
  6. Rammus

    Rammus New Member

    Yeah got it right away when it came out and quit about a year or two later when I got sucked into vanilla wow after beta testing that. I'd like to say I'm excited for this but I can't get any of my friends to play it with me. Fear it will go the way of WoAR for me, I loved that game until they nerfed the fuck out of the magus class.

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