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Tail lights out

Discussion in 'ECU's, Electronics, and Tuning' started by testtype00, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. testtype00

    testtype00 Member

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    Nov 13, 2003
    1990 Honda Civic SI
    I was wondering if anyone here would have anymore ideas about what is going on with my rear lights.
    When I have the daytime running lights unit (DTRU) installed fully I have no rear tail lights.
    If I disconnect the DTRU completely I get no lights as well.
    Though if I connect only one of the two connections (4-pin) then all my lights work off the stem from the steering coloum.
    all the fuses are fine I'm looking into replacing the DTRU but after taking a voltmeter to it all the connections seem to be working.
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