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teg stuff and other misc.

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by preludebuddy, Apr 3, 2005.

  1. preludebuddy

    preludebuddy Senior Member

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    Mar 10, 2004
    putting the rad in colorado
    here's what i got...

    -rs guage cluster...reads 122,xxx miles. no gas guage needle, if i remember correctly the temp. guage doesnt work. 25 obo

    -gsr guage cluster...reads 79,xxx ...everything works, but sorta strange. when the left turn signal goes on the tach jumps 1,500 rpms. 25 obo

    If you need anything off the clusters such as the clear cover or a needle or something let me know. I'm willing to part them out. just let me know what you need.

    -94-97 amber corner lamps. good condition. 10 obo.

    -94-97 tail lights. guy before me tried to do the red out trick, well the red stuff fell off and he cut too deep so there are some cuts on them. you might be able to re do the red out thing. I dont know. 25 obo

    -99 suspension. shocks springs and upper mounts.
    upper mounts-10 one is misthreaded.
    take them all together 100.

    -stock clutch...i dont even know if anybody would want to use it or even could use it. so...just pay shipping if you want it.

    -carquest brake pads front and rear. I was told they would fit...I went with ceramic pads instead. 25 obo

    -DC snowboarding boots...old. size 10. they arent mine but they've been in the garage for over two years. the kid lost my camera battery so i'm selling his boots. 25 obo

    -poker chip set. 1000 chips with 750 chip case. I dont play much anymore. I have two sets so this one gets to go. just make me an offer.

    buyer pays shipping on all these.
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