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testing water: looking to trade a 92 integra

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by loserpunkx182, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. loserpunkx182

    loserpunkx182 Senior Member

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    Aug 6, 2005
    i am in love with this car but with school, bills and work i really dont have time or money to put into it like i did during the summer. i'm just seeing what i could get in trade for it..dont throw me any rust bucket cause you know the value of this car.

    it's a 1992 Acura Integra 5 spd with a 2000 b18c1. motor has about 68,xxx and chassis has 130,xxx however i put new tokico blues in over the summer. also installed a new distributor from distributor king, new optima red top, new alarm/keyless entry 2-way, new NGK wires and new VIS cf hood coming in end of this week. just got it inspected and passed emission which is due september 06!!! this thing runs like a champ.





    the rest of the pics can be found here

    -VIS oem style cf hood
    -Wings West Kit
    -Clear markers
    -1-peice projector headlights w/HID bulbs.
    -Custom punched z-3 fenders
    -Shaved mouldings
    -Some degree of tint.
    - 90-91 red/clear tails
    -W.West Spoiler
    -m3 mirrors

    -Tokico struts
    -Skunk2 coilovers
    -15" 02' Civic Si wheels
    -Cross drilled and slotted rotors on front.
    -SPW Rear Strut bar.
    -EM Racing C-Pillar brace bar
    -Ingalls front camber kit.

    -Black and tan custom wrapped leather interior.
    -Leather seats out of a 98 teg
    -Reverse Glow guages
    -Autometer Guage pod
    -Air fuel guage
    -5" Phantom tach
    -Greddy weighed shift knob
    -TWMperformance Short Shifter
    -Kenwood Component system:
    -6 1/2" midranges in door.
    -tweeter on door w/ equilizer
    -6 1/2 Alpine type-s in rear
    -autopage LCD 2-way keyless entry/alarm

    -2000 B18c1 motor
    -Energy motor mounts
    -short ram air intake
    -D/C Sports ceramic header
    -Optima batt.
    -NGK wires
    -Espelir JGT500 full cat-back.
    -Custom Ground wire kit

    the bad: the only thing wrong with it is that it throws a crankshaft position sensor error. i haven't had time to check it yet but i've narrowed it down to it jumped a teeth or crank sensor is faulty...but easy fix if you know what you are doing. starts and runs just fine!!!

    i need a trade only because this is my only form of transportation and need to get to school and work. like i said, entertain me with even trades.
    get a hold of me at loserpunkx182@gmail.com or aim - loserpunkx182 with pics
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