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The EG Cluster Answer Thread

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by Dasfinc, May 28, 2007.

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    Dec 12, 2006
    Alright, I had a HUGE problem getting the same answer from any 2 people involving swapping diffrent EG Clusters into my CX Hatch I figure I will share what I've learned.

    If you have an EG with no Tach and you want a stock cluster with a tach, there are a few ways you can go about doing this and acctually keep your car's odometer correct!

    Upon purchasing a 92 LX manual Cluster with a tach I had found the speedo didn't work correctly. This concerned me because I had heard rumors of VSS Sensors being diffrent and all this crap, well WRONG *The clusters speedo was broken, ANY fully functional EG Cluster will work in any other EG. I then thought I was totally fucked and the cluster was Garbage, Wrong again! upon taking the cluster out of the dashboard You can take off the Clear Cover by gently pushing down on the 6 tabs holding it on. You can then pull the Odo Reset button Off the front of the cluster, and pull the whole cover off. Once it is off, You will be able to look at the back of the cluster where all the plugs get plugged into, and you will see Screws on the back of where the Speedo/Tach/Fuel gauges are. You can simple remove the screws holding the Speedo in the cluster, and the old one will drop right out. After doing that, you can put your STOCK speedo back into the car and keep your mileage accurate, and get a stock Tach!!! Be aware, You can NOT remove your Temperature gauge in a stock CX/DX Tachless Cluster and put a Tach in its place, as it is wired diffrently on the cluster box itself, you HAVE to have cluster box with a tach or it will not work. Also You can use a cluster that came out of an Automatic and it will work the same way but the shift selector thing will be in the middle of the fuel and temp *I do not belive this will show you what gear you are in unless you had an Automatic car that you REALLY want a tach in as there should be no wiring for it in a manual car*. The last piece of wisdom I had learned: The Cruise control light in any Manual cluster that came from a car with Cruise Control will light up as though it were the shiftlight, what you can do is View the attached wiring diagrams and clip the Cruise/Shift light cable and call it a day. *Diagrams are Courtesy BlueIntegraBoy of Honda-Tech.com*

    I hope this answers EVERYONES questions about EG Clusters, and if anyone has any other questions about "What if I do this" Feel Free to ask, I've probably already tried it! *Don't replace the needles with red Integra needles, it doesn't work :D*
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