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Them cheap online racing games

Discussion in 'Computers, Games, Electronics etc' started by kkid28, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. kkid28

    kkid28 He who burns the rubber.

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    Nov 5, 2006
    Regina, Saskatchewan.... Canada!
    I'm sure you've all played some of those half-ass piece-o-crap racing games but I've got two particularily good ones, being a member of the footmobile club, this is as close as I get to really racing.

    The first one is Nitto 1320 Challenge ( Nitto 1320 Challenge )
    This is a pretty decent game although because of all the cheaters, scammers and glitchers, it's just not fun anymore. I like how the cars look but that's not enough to keep me playing it.

    The second one I found a couple days ago is Street Challenge ( Street Challenge - Free Online Drag Racing Game )
    INFINITELY better in the terms of racing although there is no customization at all, (even though Nitto only has A spoiler, A hood and a healthy splatter of rims) except for paint with some pretty good decals. I've got some pictures from this game and Nitto, I have about 5 Civics on Nitto I'll likely share with you guys and 3 pictures from Street Challenge, you guys should join up and we could make a team and call it Hondaswap! :D

    .001 Breakout

    9s absolutely flat

    Perfect time :D :D :D

    Edit: I uploaded those pictures, it's exactly 5 Civics! lol If you're wondering why some of them aren't at full HP (449 w/ supercharger) It's `cause I'm sick of spending so much money on Civics, some guy kept racing me for Bracket Pinks to my Viper and my Viper's really consistent so I just did it, stock Civics in the game cost $18,500 and he gave me 5 so that's like $92,500 worth of Civics, sweet deal if you ask me.






    This one's my first Civic that I don't have any more.

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