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Track time!!!

Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by Frankie P., Oct 18, 2003.

  1. Frankie P.

    Frankie P. Senior Member

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    Sep 7, 2003
    Austin, TX.
    Hey, just thought I would post up some time slips from my first time at a track. Somebody is using my digital camera right now, so I will just post up the time. I was aiming for mid 15's, but since it was my first time, I didn't break 16.

    1st run: Worst time.

    Reaction - .7464 (Best of the night)
    60 FT - 3.8243 (Clutched popped out of first)
    330 FT - 8.9088
    1/8 ET - 12.6108 @ 66.58
    1000 ET - 15.7202
    1/4 ET - 18.3327 @ 86.09

    Since I popped out of first my time sucked, too bad too, I had a great reaction time, which I know doesn't matter, but still.

    After my second run which was another bad time, 17.xxx, popped out of first again, I changed tire pressure, and got better times. I had 35 PSI in my tires, OUCH, and lowered them to 25 PSI.

    Best run:

    Reaction - 1.4764 (I started practicing launches, instead of reaction time.)
    60 FT - 2.4658
    330 FT - 6.7949
    1/8 ET 10.3590 @ 68.78
    1000 ET - 13.4040
    1/4 ET - 16.0096 @ 86.31

    I had a total of 5 runs, with the other two being 16.1's. 3 other guys were with me, and have experience on the track, the best time, with the same mods as I ran 15.5's another ran 15.7's and the other with just intake ran 16.1 - 16.5. A GTI with a chip was also with us and he ran a 14.3, those things are sick. Hope that the next time I can hit my target.
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