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TRADE: My swapped 90 Si for your EG or EK!!

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by dingusjt, Oct 31, 2004.

  1. dingusjt

    dingusjt Junior Member

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    Oct 27, 2002
    I never thought this day would come in which I would sacrifice all that I believe in for a newer model civic..but it has. I am the proud owner of 90 Civic Si, has roughly 120K on it orginal miles on chassy...this is the love of my life but unfortunately our relationship has been rocky lately. here are the details....oh and I still get about 32 MPG!!!

    90 Civic Si 120K original miles on chassy, clean title.

    Under the hood:
    b16a1 engine swap about 54K i believe
    using stock EF9 mounts
    S1 Transmission (minor grind in 4th occasionally around 4K)
    PR3 ECU
    JDM AZ Jasma 4-2-1 SS Headers.
    AEM 3" Intake.
    Fluidyne Radiator.
    NGK Plug wires
    Brand new NGK plugs
    Brand new ground wires
    Brand new distributor cap and rotor.
    2.25" Catback exhaust, Dynomax muffler.

    TEIN HA true coilover setup. about a year old, right before they discontinued.
    Ground Control Coilovers with Koni Yellow SHocks
    Type R LCAs in the rear
    Suspension Tech front and rear sway bars with ES bushings.

    JDM EF9 front end conversion
    brand new g71P Dupont paint, that's Green Isle Pearl.
    14" Blackies about 60% Tread.

    Rear interior is completely gutted.
    Front is in good condition, Civic Si seats only a miniscule tear otherwise in great condition!
    JDM Personal Steering Wheel and Hub
    Momo leather Shift knob
    White Face gauges :p
    Kenwood single disk CD player
    Alarm (keyless entry but alarm is sort of non functional?)
    11LB Dry Cell battery relocated into trunk.

    Issues? Well none really, have a engine code for VTEC oil pressure but it's just a seal, which I have purchased brand new from Honda. Car is clean title but needs to get smogged, which I can get done. Registration is however paid for so there wont be any back debt and stuff.

    What I want:
    Well i'm looking for an EG or EK, nothing fancy or ricey pretty stock, would love one already swapped b series, or turbo. Preferably an EX if an EG and really any body style if EK.

    If interested give me a call at 562-276-5287, feel free to call anytime just ask for Josh. The car is located in Long Beach. Thanks.

    now on stock blackies.

    Old picture headers not pictured.




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