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turbo b16a swap now has burnt valves help

Discussion in 'Civic and CRX - EW' started by orangemanja, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. orangemanja

    orangemanja 99exturbob16aswap

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    Nov 3, 2006
    All right heres the dizzile
    I have a 1999 civic ex with a b16a swap, ford turbo (that i had a really talanted mechanic put in for me but has now moved to germany) (5pds) never upgraded injectors,gsr computer,pullys,aem fuel rail,misc other minor upgrades

    iv spent alot and love my car and now need whatever insite yall can give me

    this is what happend i never upgraded the injectors didnt have the money after the swap went broke then decided to go to school at nti where my loans fell through so i got stranded up there and got busted for dealing pot and lsd started selling cause this situation with my car and got ratted out and had to move in with my parents cause broke anyways

    well it ran lean for a while but didnt have any problems with the issue as long as i wasnt hard on it well what i think what happend was since it was running lean
    it caused the wastegate to fail somehow and aloud the boost to go up to 14psi
    which i couldnt resist but to try it out only 2 runs though for a short time with 2 seperate mechanics with me at the times well when we got back to the house smoke was coming out of the valvecover breather we looked at it and decided it was a burnt valve this happend round last xmas iv been without my car for a while

    since then i started my first major do it yourself job by taking off my head
    (i took it to a japanesse guy i was referred to and well he tried to rip me off so i decided to do it myself so i bought me the civic engine book and went at it)
    well i took it off and it looks like all 8 front valves have problems im attatching the pics to see what yall think the back 8 valves are smooth and look in good shape

    what do you think by looking at this i should do next or what you think it will take to fix it
    i talked to one of my buddies after i took it off and he said i might have thrown a tooth but since then sent him the pics but havent heard back yet

    im kinda of weary of taking the head apart to look at the valves but will prolly do it anyways then take it to a machine shop

    if its fixable which im pretty sure it is are there any not to expensive good quality upgrades i can get any suggestions

    and what size injecotrs should i get i want to move up to like 18psi on ocasion but the 14 was very nice and am happy with this sounded like i was in a airplane with the boost build up was the shit

    what do yall think it would take to run safely at 14 also?

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