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turbo b18b1 wont rev over 5krpms

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by bigg86, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. bigg86

    bigg86 New Member

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    Jan 2, 2008
    i just finished rebuilding my B18 and for some reason it wont rev past 4500-5krpms and if it does then the engine dies and shuts off. I cant downshift either or the same thing will happen... But i noticed when im in the freeway in 5th gear the car will drive just fine till about 5500rpms. i havent taken it past that tho...

    Here are my mods:
    84mm wiseco pistons
    eagle rods
    darton sleeves
    micropolished n balanced crackshaft
    inline four crack pulley

    Extreme P & P head
    brian crower stage 2 boost cams
    brian crower dual springs + retainers
    1mm oversized valves w/3 angle valve job
    STR cam gears

    sk2 intake manifold
    sk2 70mm throttle body
    3 bar map sensor

    255lph walbro fuel pump
    automotive fuel filter
    automotive FPR
    automotive fuel gauge
    AEM fuel rail
    275cc injectors (no boost yet)

    external msd coil
    MSD 6AL ignition box
    apexi neo fmu (upgrading to s300 once i start boosting)

    ram exhaust manifold
    44mm tial wastegate
    T4 custom turbo
    3inch downpipe
    3inch cat back
    31x12x3 front mount

    I only have about 200 miles in it since i rebuilt it and ive been driving it slow with no boost, but i noticed the other day that the car started holding back once it past 4kprms..... i really dont have any ideas at the moment of what it could be.... if you guys have any ideas or if anything like it happened to you, please let me know.... Thanks!
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