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Turbo CRX si AND 94 RS Integra

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Mugenryda, Feb 19, 2005.

  1. Mugenryda

    Mugenryda Junior Member

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    Feb 19, 2005
    crx pic1989 Honda CRX Turbo:
    Dropped On: Skunk 2 Coilovers, KYB shocks, Full ES bushing Kit
    Rollin On:16 Konig Holes or 00 GSR blades (buyers choice) with 40series 80% tread
    Engine: D16z6 100,00 miles .. 10,000 boosted
    Management: Zdyne Secu Gold stand alone, 450cc injectors ,2bar map sensor
    Turbo: 14b mitsu turbo hf manifold
    Exhaust: Full 3inch high flow cat
    Interior: Civic gauge cluster bran new SI seats 3piller gauge pod (boost EGT Oil pressure) air fuel gauge and turbo timer in custom bezel
    all the interior is there the back pieces are all there
    Exterior:Extreme Front Clip (primerd black hit a squirll) mugen sides w/door caps, buddy club rear, mugen wing. new gunmental paint. 5,500 obo

    This car is a reliable turbo car it has had the same set up for 10,000 miles never dragged.... i wanted to but just never got the chance.... the car is fast and reliable

    1994 Acura Integra:
    Lowerd on matrix coilovers with kyb struts
    konigs or blades for wheels
    aem intake
    interior is all there but some ricer spray painted it so its all tacky
    few dents and dings here and there 4k firm
    nice smooth driving basically stock integra
    located in Nor Cal Humbolt County

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