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turbo f22b1

Discussion in 'Accord' started by deucef22, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. deucef22

    deucef22 New Member

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    Jan 16, 2011
    Going to turbocharge my f22b1 was wondering what you guys think I should use I've been looking at t3 or t4 or should I supercharge it instead?
  2. calmfornow

    calmfornow System Failure Racing

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    May 24, 2007
    Zionsville, pa
    i see many people boosting these engine, mainly because of the compression ratio, now if you supercharge it, i dont know shit about that, but would be bad ass, but the one thing i do know, is that with a supercharger, the power is always there, you hit the gas and you have the power throughout the whole power band, and with a turbo it has to spool up obviously, i dont know much about forced induction like i said. i do know tho, because i have been researching, either way, you will need a ecu and tune the ecu for whatever you have, depending on how much PSI you plan on pushing, you may need bigger injectors, fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, and all that good stuff. but either way, get better head bolts, and everything else to make it a little more reliable, i probably didnt help ya, but i figured i would put my input in.

    also, i know jackson racing makes the superchargers for hondas
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