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Turbo kit (greddy) and swaps??

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by clevisR6, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. clevisR6

    clevisR6 Junior Member

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    Aug 4, 2005
    Will be putting my friends b16a2 (99 si) into either an ek or eg hatch.
    once that is done, can i buy the greddy 99-00 si turbo kit and bolt it right up?
    i know it comes with injectors and a greddy ecu, but is it a piggyback unit that would have to be used with the 99si ecu? or is it a replacement ecu?

    from what everyone has told me, fir the swap i should go with a chipped p28 or p30, would that work with the kit?


    VTECPOWER Senior Member

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    Oct 6, 2003
    Winchester, VA
    im pretty sure if it's piggyback (and not the fmu shit) then it needs to be used with the ecu that the kit is designed for, aka 99-00 civic si ecu. P30 is a obd1 ecu, so would work for the car, but the engine is obd2. You will have some wiring to do since the newer engine into an older chassis. The only thing from the kit that may not work are the charge pipes, as it is a different car. Unless you do the swap into an ek civic, eg is different. Also depending upon year of ek wiring may or may not be a little different.

    EDIT: We could be more helpful if you knew what car this was going into, once you find out, let us know, and we can help you in further detail, eg will be harder wiring than the ek.
  3. smooth_criminal

    smooth_criminal Senior Member

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    Dec 18, 2002
    Don't use that piece of shit blue box, it blew my motor 2 weeks after being boosted. Go with a chipped ECU and run Uberdata and you will be much safer.
  4. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

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    Sep 28, 2002
    Retirement Home
    obd1 convert the motor (basically, you jsut have to re-wire the obd2 parts that don't plug into the eg... if you're putting it in an ek, the obd2b->2a conversion may need to be done)
    run a p28.
    download crome from pgmfi.org
    buy a chip burner and a romulator
    score a laptop if you don't have one already
    buy an LM-1 inoovative wideband.

    ebay the blue box
    ebay the 310cc

    buy some dsm 450s or Rc440s

    sttart tuning.
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