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TW:FS: 93 fully built civic coupe N/A

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by B18HondaEg, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. B18HondaEg

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    Dec 5, 2005
    just want to start out by this is more of a feeler post. and not really set in stone..just tryin to get my life on track, and with the medic program approaching, and at $6,000, it isnt gettin any cheaper the longer i wait, and im not saving any more money by keepin my baby around, so she needs to go. with that said, this is what i have to offer:

    93 civic coupe
    Tan interior
    pw,pl, sunroof
    no a/c or p/s

    one dent on the driver door, otherwise MINT MINT MINT body for a New England car driven year round.....

    Vis CF hood
    JDM blackhousing Headlights
    Amber corners
    Bronze hx wheels with new tires

    JDM B16 SIR II head
    new valve guides
    new seals
    Crower.5mm oversized valves
    Skunk2 Ti retainers
    Skunk2 springs
    3 angle valve job
    GE headgasket
    JDM b16 IM
    new gaskets

    95 LS block
    bored .20
    wiseco 12.1:1 cr pistons with vtec head (11.8 w/o i believe)
    Eagle rods
    GE block guard
    ACL bearings
    ARP headstuds
    ARP rod studs
    ITR oil pump
    ITR water pump
    ITR timing belt

    94 GSR tranny freshly rebuilt.
    Fidanza 8lbs Flywheel
    ACT SS clutch
    J's fake intake
    Hondata S200 or Uberdata tuned (your choice)
    DC 421 header
    B&M FPR
    CF wire cover
    2.5 test pipe
    ITR valve cover
    APexi N1 cat back
    Solid mounts
    megan coilovers
    ITR shift boot
    ITR knob
    345cc luda injectors
    resistor box
    sony cd player

    5k miles on motor..
    this setup has been to the track once. went 13.5 NA with crower stg 2 cams...ITR cams in now. looking for some Sk2 stg3's or crower stg3s before the sale. made 196whp. with the new cams should be well over 200whp and shooting for the 12' NA

    interior is mint with one minor rippage starting on driver seat. might have some sparco or tenzoR reds in there b4 the sale though....(maybe not)

    not 100% on a final price...i know i need it in the 5k area. and i also have a 5 lug conversion from an ITR i would let go with it if sold with the car for 500 more. so idk, the car and the 5 lug possibly $5800. w/o 5 lug $5300

    this is just an idea and moslty to gauge interest.... if a buyer comes along so be it, shes gone. if not, im in no rush, medic school isnt till next august.
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