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v8 challange

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> BA-BB /CA-CD' started by Dark91zc, Nov 3, 2004.

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  1. Dark91zc

    Dark91zc Senior Member

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    Sep 9, 2004
    this guy is in a anti import club and this is what he has to say
    Hello Cody is it?
    my name is John, I live in Hacienda Heights and head up SOCALS largest AntiImport car club, we are IH SOCAL, import haters of southern California, mainly in Hacienda Heights, Diamond Bar, that area.

    well I was wondering if you might get a few of your friends with imports, and would be willing to race about 30 or so N/A Muscle cars? All legit of course, like at Irwindale. We have a 68 Camaro in the club that runs the 8th in 5 seconds at over 130mph, however you will not be racing cars like that. If you want to accept this, you would be racing cars that run around 12 / 11 seconds on all motor, street tires, mild build up. you know, just simple cars.

    We are looking for some rival car clubs in the area, people we can race now and then... would you be willing to help?

    Well, in our club, we hate hondas, and other cars that need to rely on boost, or nos to go fast, the cars that cannot cut it on all motor like ours can. We are just looking for some local clubs in the area, to start a fredny rival. Nothing like a gang war lol just light street racing, betting, etc. All done at Irwindale and or Fontana. We are a massive Anti-Import (all muscle car) car club in the area, the biggest in socal, and not alot of clubs want to race us, they are all afraid, So I am just continuing my quest to find a club that wont pussy out of a few races.

    STI and Evo 8 are great cars, AWD, awesome handling, run 12's with boost turned up a little. however. When it comes down to it, I would rather take a big ass V8. you can get more hp, more tq, out of them, cheaper, and in the end they are quicker. We have a few cars in the club that race there as well, ever seen the Chevelle with the piss on imports decal? It isnt street legal, runs 6's in the 8th. The fastest car we have is a Camaro that runs 5's in the 8th, all motor, no boost, no nos, just pure power.

    Remeber we at IH-SOCAL are looking to race only imports, mainly all motor ones, because we feel if you need liquid hp to get into the 13's, maybe 14's, that you are very sad, and need to build up your engine more, and leave the Boost and nos at home.

    lol at least post up the part that 11 and 12 seconds are for the quarter mile, not the 8th mile times lol. Dont want people thinking that most of the cars in the club run 12 second 8 mile times. I am talking about quarter mile.

    Yeah man, get a list of people in the area that wanna drag at Irwindale or Fontana. Then we can set a date.

    do we have any one who wants to show them different

    let me know if you want in
  2. asmallsol

    asmallsol Super Moderator

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    Sep 28, 2002
    Houghton/Livonia Michigan
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    This topic has been closed by a moderator. Please continue your question in the other thread that you started.

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