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Various 3g Prelude Stuff & 4x100 22x15x8 drag rims/slicks and nitrous wet kit

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by daily interlude, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. daily interlude

    daily interlude Prelude Guru

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    Oct 27, 2004
    North of Atlanta
    I'm just going to list the bigger stuff. I'll add the other things as I go through my garage and start taking "inventory".
    I can get pics of whatever you want!
    All items are OBO so please feel free to make offers!

    WTB/Will Trade For
    • H22 Spark plug cover
    • 626 Lip (uncut...you need to mod to fit - $25 plus shipping)
    General 3rd gen
    (while I'm pretty good on what fits what, please verify for yourself. I'm not responsible if it doesn't work/fit!)

    • 88 Driver Side Fender White ($30 NO SHIPPING!)
    • 91 Driver Side Fender OEM Red with trim, inner liner and mud flap ($30 NO SHIPPING! the top next to the door was bent a little...I bent it back but the paint pealed off...Pics 1 2 3)
    • 88 5 spd starter ($60 shipped)
    • 88 MAP Sensor ($30 shipped)
    • 90 Si front seats in good condition ($60 OBO...prefer not to ship though)
    • 88 Si rear seats (all 3 pieces but seat bottom has a little spot/hole...$40 OBO)
    • 88 Si driver side door panel ($20 OBO...no ship)
    • 88 Si pass side door panel (not greatest of condition...come get it!)
    • various interior trim that goes around the windows)
    88-89 Specific
    • 88 D2J5 Trannies (2 of them checked by shop as good) ($300 shipped)
    • 88 Driver Side Fender White ($40 NO SHIPPING!)
    • 88 Exhaust upper manifold w/ O2 sensors ($30 shipped)
    • 88 axles (pair $60 shipped)
    • 88 Coil ($25 shipped)
    90-91 Specific
    • 91 Throttle body and TPS ($50 shipped...don't want to separate)
    • 91 Intake manifold ($50 shipped...will combine with TB for 80 shipped)
    • 91 cleared front turn signals (next to the fog lights...some clouding in the pass side but the driver side isn't that bad. $30 shipped)
    • 90-91 Speed Sensor ($50 shipped)
    • 90 Si left and right headlight stuff (it's all here except the driver side headlight motor, arm and clip...make offers on what's left that you need)
    • 90 pass side small bumper light (w/ outer orange lense...make offer)
    • 90 pair of small bumper light w/ orange lense cut off and sprayed w/ chrome (was going to make clears out of them...make offer)
      More to come...

    [*][URL="http://www.preludepower.com/forums/showthread.php?t=241337"][B]Drag rims/slicks: Bogart Import Fly Star 4x100 15x8 w/ MT 22x8x15 slicks[/B][/URL][B] ($600 shipped)[/B]
    [*]90-91 5spd Instrument Cluster ($50 shipped)
    [*][URL="http://www.preludepower.com/forums/showthread.php?t=241411"]Nitrous Wet Kit[/URL] ($275 shipped)
    [*]88 Si wiring (all of it!  make offer)
    [*]90 Si 5spd swap items (tranny, flywheel, shifter, master & slave cylinder w/ lines, all pedals, manual tranny mounts, starter - $350 shipped for all...will part if no one wants full swap anytime soon or if price is right)
    [*]90 Si sawblades (2 rights) w/ good 185/65 tread ($75 OBO plus shipping)
    [*]OBD1 B18b Integra LS Head and Intake manifold Complete ($100 plus shipping)
    [*]91 Passenger Side Fender Red (doesn't look OEM though) with trim, inner liner and mud flap ($40 plus shipping)
    [*]90-91 OBD1 ECU ($60 shipped)
    [*]90-91 Speed Sensor
    [*]D2A4 Tranny (had slight grind in 3rd and 2nd was notchy...probably just needs some GM Synchromesh)
    [*]17x7 silver with polished lip 4 lug univ.
    [*]88-89 5spd Instrument Cluster (no Gauge Bezel/Surround)
    [*]17" Gunmetal rims w/ tires
    [*]88-89 Speed Sensor
    [*]90 [U]OEM[/U] front turn signals (next to the fog lights...in mint condition - $50 shipped)
    [*]JDM B20a ($300 picked up...will not ship!)
    [*]88 Flywheel ($30 shipped)
    [*][URL="hhttp://hondamarketplace.com/zerothread?id=1455456"]FS/FT: H22 Crower Turbo Stage 2 Cams[/URL] (for all motor cams or $450 plus shipping)
    (Duration @ .050" - Int-234 mid - Exh-232 mid - Gross Lift w/1.55 - Int-465 mid - Exh-446 mid)
    [*]Integra front lip (not sure the year...can measure if it helps - $25 plus shipping)[/LIST]
    All prices that are quoted as being shipped are to the US only and all are OBO. (Fender shipping quotes: a 56x28x13 box makes it billed at 125lb rate (box is only going to be ~25lbs though) so shipping is like almost $100!)
    I'll check to Canada and other countries on a case per case basis so if you need something and you're from outside of the US, include your zip so I can get a shipping quote.

    If you need something that I haven't listed, I might still have it. There are a lot of miscellaneous parts laying around...

    [ Updated: Fri June 30, 2006 ]
    nitrous sold and added H22/H23 fuel rail
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2006
  2. brian11to1

    brian11to1 Senior Member

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    Jan 9, 2003
    I like your thread structure...
  3. daily interlude

    daily interlude Prelude Guru

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    Oct 27, 2004
    North of Atlanta
    Thanks! I try to make it as simple yet straight forward as possible.

    Now buy something! lol
  4. VTECin5th

    VTECin5th Administrator

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    Apr 17, 2005
    Phoenix Az
    I miss my 3g bump. :(
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